Dissipation of the Darkness
Origin of Freemasonry Chapters 33 to the end of the book

                                                                                        CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE

                              Jonas' ascent to the Third Degree: the Degree of Master Hiram

   Jonas said: This is the major degree, from the historic, symbolic, imaginary and tragicomic point of view all at the same time.

   We have understood that its true history, together with the secret of the foundation of the Association, is monopolized among the nine founders and their successors or heirs. All Masons, ancient and modern, present in this Degree an ironic drama and all believe they reproduce the death and the wake of Hiram Abiff, the Architect of the Temple of Solomon. But the truth is that they reproduce, without the least knowledge, the death and wake of Hiram Abiud, the founder of this Association. They introduced in the rite the most ironic and depreciating acts toward the death of Jesus and his resurrection.

   Notwithstanding the knowledge of what I was going to suffer with the nature of the examination and the scam to which they were going to submit me in ascending to this Degree, I decided to petition for it, with the purpose of completing this "History," because the new Masonry (that of the year 1717) is nothing but a complementary part of the ancient Masonry, that of our ancestors; it is like its daughter, as we had anticipated.

   My petition was accepted.

   To detail the movements, events and sayings of the ritual would require more than ten pages, for which I prefer to omit them, for it would bore whoever might write, read or witness it.

   It is verified, then, that the movements, touches and terms composed by our ancestors, Herod Agrippa, Hiram Abiud and their seven companions, still exist in the Association. But many scandalous rites were added, for example: the act of stopping me, tying me with a rope, leading me walking backwards, threatening me with the points of swords against my chest, disrobing me before the brothers while they looked at me, mocking me, as was done to them in their turn, asking me innumerable and subtly deceptive questions, etc., etc. 

   The strange thing was that later all of us were laughing at these fallacies, saying to each other: "Their authors must be very clever, what a pity we cannot know them!" I was silent. and laughed to myself interiorly.

   To make a comparison between ancient and modern Masonry, I carried out several investigations about these rituals in several lodges, finding out that the rites, although apparently different, were the same in their fundamental: all masking cunning, fallacy, irony and mockery.

                                                                                 CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR

Jonas' ascent to the following Degrees, to to the 18th

   We did not see in our Hebrew history any name for the degrees from 1 to 33. Only 15 of them had titles, the other 18 were untitled.

   We saw that our ancestor, Misraim, one of the ancient presidents, and his eight companions, established those titles for the purpose of mocking Jesus.

The chiefs of modern Masonry, that of the year 1717, who were three Jews and three Protestants, established other titles, additions, variations, attractions and curiosities that made my wife, Janet, and me think that the Protestants that guided the new Masonry were more cunning and aggressive against Catholicism than the ancient
Jews themselves. I verify this with the fact that in Protestant countries the leadership of the lodges is more in the hands of Protestants, than  in those of Jews.

   I ascended to the degrees mentioned rapidly, paying. the corresponding price without complaining, for the purpose of completing this History. I am sure that no one will reproach me for the omission of the details of those fallacious rituals that do no more than waste my time. This is not my purpose. We are satiated with the fallacies of our ancestor founders and their successors. Their fanaticism and lies, their cunning and deceit; the confusion of the members of their Association, the mysterious sons of the widow and the other sons of the original sect are sufficient for us.

   Why do they not reveal their true purpose, which is to attack Jesus? Would it not have been more noble for them to fight openly, armed with their principles, against the Christian religion?
   Without doubt, they themselves knew their principles were not noble.

                                                                                            CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE

                                                                          My ascent to the 18th Degree, or that of the Rose Cross(68)

   I decided to complete my march until achieving my wife's and my purpose.
   I preferred to be up to date on the secrets of this degree because it is called the "Rose Cross," while its name in our History is "The Talented One," the, "Cross" being the name of the 31st degree.
   I paid the price of the ascent and solicited the degree, my petition being accepted. How great my joy was! I prepared myself to ascend that ladder of "glory," of "honor," of heaven!"

   I received the secrets of the degree, the signs, the symbols, the norms and the type of vestments corresponding to it. Being now one of the bearers of the cross, I lifted it on my shoulder and marched with them. (69) I began to count the extras that the new chiefs added to the original.  My forces were exhausted before counting all of them. There are innumerable fallacies there. There are laughable acrobatics. In this degree I did not find what our ancestors
did except the four letters," I N R I," that signify, "Jesus, Nazarene, King of the Jews," that they adopted from the cross of Jesus when his crucifiers wanted to mock Him. This phrase was one of those imposed by Levy and Adoniram in
their agreement with Desaguliers. 

   All that I saw in this degree was a new fallacy added to an ancient fallacy.

   The lodge to which I belong had almost all its members from the Protestant partisans of
Desaguliers and Anderson, that is to say, from the Protestant sect with the most animosity toward Catholicism. I noticed this truth in the meetings where several suggestions and decrees were presented to attack the Pope and his collaborators. Nevertheless, those suggestions divided us into two bands, some in favor and others against. I felt that there was a wave of enmity against religions. The majority of the members disseminated the anti-religious spirit and mocked religion and religious. Meanwhile, some members, I among them, formed a group, although small, of resistance.

that my conversion to Christianity was effected by the intercession of my wife, and knowing that she is of a moderate religious nature, not fanatical, I asked her opinion about these secrets. Her opinion and counsel s are recorded in the next chapter.

68. Samuel, son of Jonas:  It is understood that the ones  who continues narrating here is my father, Jonas.                                                                                                                                                                           

69. Jonas: I felt an interior voice say to me: Take up your cross and follow them!

                                                                                    CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX

The counsels offered by Janet to her husband James (Jonas) so he would no longer associate himself with the enemies of the Church of Rome

   Before beginning with her words, my wife required me to relate to her all the efforts and conspiracies that the Masons devised against Catholicism.   

   I told her how, through my permanent contact with the grand Masons, I discovered that there are three groups of them in the lodges: Some of them attack Catholicism.
Others attack all religions. The third, composed of men from the first two groups, battle in politics for the purpose of coming to dominate temporal authority. 

   Here is what my wife said to me: "James, your affiliation with the new Masonry was not to support the enemies of religions, nor to support any religion, but, as we have resolved from the beginning, to study it and compare it with the Masonry of your ancestors for the purpose of completing this History.

   "We have both understood in the texts of this History the upset produced when your ancestor Levy changed the name of the Association, together with Desaguliers. In accord with what you relate to me, there exists among us Protestants a sect united to the Jews (your relatives) whose goal is to demolish what our Jesus, may He be glorified, and to crush Catholicism and the Roman Church.  Such are the principles of Desaguliers and Anderson. "My parents and I, dear James, are not of that sect. Yes, we  are Protestants, but we are for from the intention of crushing the Roman Church. Listen to what I tell you: We believe tat Jesus Christ is the one who built it and He said that it will not fall. You must have our faith in spite of our traditional revolt that we inherited from our parents against the authority of the Pontiff.

In our hearts we conceal a firm faith that the Church of St. Peter is the original Church of Jesus. Never have we thought, neither my parents nor I, of associating with the enemies of the Church. You, who are now converted to Christianity through my intercession, must adapt the principles I nave inherited from my parents.
   Be careful in collaborating with those two sects: the one that attacks Catholicism in particular and the other that attacks all religions in general. Be careful that you do not fall into their traps. Since you obeyed me and converted to my religion, you loved me and married me, I desire that you always continue firm with me in your Christianity, firm in your promises, and in your new principles.

   "Continue then in the path of completing the studies for which you entered the new Masonry, to succeed in satisfying our longings to reveal truth and to denounce evil, in order to dissipate the darkness when later the doors of light will be opened before the blindfolded eyes so they may orient themselves in the path of  truth. And there on the peak of the solid mountain of reality the light will be irradiated that will guide each confused person and each confuser."


                                                                                  CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN

                                                                My ascent to the other degrees, from the 19th to the 33rd

   Jonas said: I have known throughout my studies that the ascent to the high degrees requires, above all, the payment of the price of the inscription, a price that varies according to the degree, but it also requires activity, zeal and services on behalf of the principles of the Association and the realization of its purposes. I discharged the duties within my reach to make a false show of my activities and I saved, at the same time, what was necessary to pay the respective inscriptions.

   I solicited the ascent, paying the dues for the 11 degrees, from the 19th to the 29th inclusive. My petition was accepted with pleasure. Being one of the holders of the 29th degree, I knew the secrets, vestments, terms, movements and signs corresponding to all those degrees. All the rituals are of no interest, for they are similar to those of the earlier degrees in their falsity and ridiculousness.

   I saved the amount necessary to attain the 30th  degree. I solicited it and attained it.

   I did not delay much in attaining Degrees 31, 32 and 33 in the same way. Here my age become infinite; I remembered then what was recorded by the ancestors of my mother, Esther, who tried by that definition 'to mock the Resurrection of Jesus, His Ascension and His eternal life.

   Thus I completed my ascent to the maximum degree of  "elevation," reaching the "gates of Heaven." Thus I
come to be considered among the ranks of the chiefs of "liberty!" Despite the superiority of my high degree, I did not know from whence come the superior orders. The president himself of our lodge did not know their origin. I saw that all the presidents of the lodges were subject to those orders that came mysteriously.

   For example: "Carry out the exalted order as we have carried out ours, executing the following.... "
   Another example: "By a superior order we must make every effort to do such-and-such a thing; comply with it and begin... "

   Another example: "By orders, the knowledge of whose origin is prohibited by Law, you must initiate a subscription to collect (such-and-such a sum of) money that will be destined to expand the capacity of the Association and its interests.... "

   All the orders were of this nature.

   Then 1 remembered the cunning of our ancestor founders and their successors and noted that the nine successors improved considerably in the art of fallacy and cunning.

   I deplored the word "free," which should be omitted from the dictionaries of languages with that meaning, to use rather the meaning, "those who claim to be free and are nothing but slaves ordered by their masters to do good or evil." Nevertheless, the slave knows his master, but we, on the other hand, do not know who orders us, and we obey blindly.

   How much I congratulate my wife, Janet, for her poem in which she laments the liberty of the Masons who obey blindly and reproaches the nine founders and their successors for the monopoly of the secrets and the hidden principal leadership. 

                                                                               CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT

                                                   The delivery of the secrets on the part of James, or Jones, to his son, Samuel

   George, the grandson of James, said: We saw, in what was recorded previously, that the secrets of the History are passed from the founders to their present successors, the most intelligent and serious of their sons. This was their traditional law of succession. A law of contemptible and blind religious fanaticism.

   But when we see the importance of these secrets and that terrible oath that the nine founders established, taking it themselves and imposing it on their successors in the act of receiving
the secrets, when we see that strange and terrible requirement of hiding those secrets, that blind belief that whoever opposes the fundamental laws or violates a single word of the oath will die horribly and will be "punished by God," when we see all this, the obstinacy of our ancestors with their fundamental laws filled with barbarism, fanaticism and foolishness does not surprise us.

   We see now my grandfather, James, delivering the secrets to my father, Samuel, his only son, by his first wife, as we will see. The will of my grandfather was to complete this history, completing the relationship between the Masonry of our ancestors and its daughter: the new Masonry. For that purpose he joined the Association to study its history and secrets in the light of this manuscript. His extensive studies were divided by him into 22 investigations.

First  Investigation

   James, addressing his son, Samuel, and the readers of this History, said: Before my conversion to Christianity I was following the plan of the ancestors of my mother, Esther, from whom I inherited this History, preserving its secrets and believing in the truth of its doctrine. Thus I continued until destiny wanted me to fall deeply in love with Janet, the Christian. She, too, professed a great love for me and agreed to be my .wife on condition that I would convert to Christianity; I converted and we married, then Samuel, my son by my first wife, converted too.

   Before completing one month of our marriage, my new wife had already known of this History, reviewing  it. She reacted in such a way that she began to form in me a spirit of indignation toward the "History" and its heirs and to encourage me to publish it for the good and the salvation of the Christian religion, first, and all of humanity, later. She insisted so that she convinced me.

   Before beginning its printing we had to understand some fundamental secrets of modern Masonry, without which the benefits of this History would not be complete. We wanted to know, especially, if the secret remained with Desaguliers, Anderson and his companions or if they got in touch with others of the successors, owners of these Hebrew manuscripts. In search of that, I entered the new Masonry and ascended in it to the highest degree.

   Because of my coming journey to Russia on a mission, I fulfill my duty on delivering to you, my son, this History and its secrets, for fear something might happen. Your mother, Janet, will be your collaborator and administrator in all that is related with this History.

   Second Investigation

James, to his son, Samuel, said: Son, you have here a History more precious than diamonds. When you read it you will understand its extraordinary importance. I deliver it to you with all its secrets. You will not take the Frightful Oath that I had to take; you will see its text in it, as it was decreed by our ancestors, the nine founders of the Masonic Association. They took it first and they imposed it on all the heirs of this History.  After your conversion to Christianity with me, you will not obey that injunction.(70)

   Know, Samuel, how great is my love and respect for your mother Janet. Know, too, that I loved her more because she adopted you as affectionately as if she were your own mother. You must then, love her, obey her and serve her in homage and memory of your true mother, whose soul at present is comforted on seeing that you find affection in this mother. We must, moreover, love her, in acknowledgment of her kindness in converting us to Christianity and for having encouraged me to publish this "History."

   I have seen indescribable virtues in her. I have seen in her love, purity, integrity, intelligence, true faith and authentic piety. I have seen self-denial that your dead mother did not possess. I have seen in her economy and generosity together. I have seen in her a deeply-rooted sentiment of love for duty. But the major factor in my infinite love for her is her affection
with you. She gave you, Samuel, a virtuous education. Without her you would not be able to have these virtues. She is your mother, your educator and your Christianizer.  One of your most sacred duties is to love her and to discharge your duty toward her. I know her to be, in my presence or absence, faithful and a collaborator. Above all, I desire that you do nothing without consulting her. She, in turn, will give you counsels related to this History and to your other actions.

   This meeting of ours must
be added, with all that we have spoken, to our History; let us record it.    Now, Samuel, review this History and delve into it because, before my journey, I want to tell you a secret of great importance.
70. Translator's note: The difference between the character of James (the Christian) and that of his ancestors (the Jews) is impressive.

 Third Investigation

  Samuel's surprise when faced with the Secrets and the cunning on reading the History

   After a week the three, James, Janet and Samuel, met.
   James said to Samuel: I believe, son, that you read this History completely,
with great avidity. You have spent many hours in its study, but it does not matter. So it happened to me when I received it from your grandfather, Samuel (whose name you bear), because it contains everything that can surprise, affect and elevate the heart of the reader, filling it with joy and pleasure for knowing its secrets. Perhaps the illiterate, those of poor mentality and the incredulous may not have these feelings. However, I do not believe there are people who are not interested in these secrets.

   Samuel said: Father, when I read this History I forgot everything
and became inebriated on seeing its secrets, its wickedness and its cunning. Secrets that, if they come to be published, will cast the Masonic states into catastrophe; secrets that will make the entire world tremble: the Masons and the leaders of all religions, especially the Christian, when they know the conspiracy against them.  

    James said: Record, Samuel, in synthesis, what we have said. I, for my part, will write the following that I, too, will record. The elements of this study will thus remain organized.


   Fourth Investigation

Synthesis of the Comments about the superior and anti-religious Orders that James revealed to his son, Samuel

The Intended Erroneous Interpretation of the three words: Liberty, Fraternity and Equality

   You see, son, that I
entered the new Masonry to compare it with the Masonry of our ancestors, " The Mysterious Force." Because the modern is a complementary part of the ancient, because of the complete ignorance of the secrets and occult foundations of this Association on the part of the Masons, and because of the joy it will produce in wise men and historians on their knowing the cornerstone of that foundation, your mother Janet and I decided I would enter the Association.

   She told me: "I will call this History: The Dissipation of the Darkness. But the darkness will not be dissipated if you do not enter the Association in order to be up to date with the innovations that happened in it after Levy changed its name." That was when I joined the Association and studied its secrets, thus achieving my objective.

   Behold my studies: All that I had expected to see in it I saw with ample time for thought. I saw that its general public statutes were taken from the same ancient statutes. But Anderson and Desaguliers gave it a scientific aspect and a general style suited to all readers, Masons and non-Masons.

   There is no doubt that David Adoniram collaborated with them, as you observed in his "conditions." I did not get to see the internal statutes, nor can anyone else, because the statutes are monopolized by the principal chiefs, heirs of the nine founders.(71)

   I saw that superior orders were distributed from chiefs unknown to their executors. Those chiefs, in turn, obey a supreme and completely unknown authority whose orders must be carried out blindly by them.

   I saw that in ancient Masonry only the Jewish religion was preserved. In the modem I saw an anti-religiosity of extensive contours, but concentrated against Christianity and particularly, against Catholicism, an anti-religiosity inspired in absolute n

   I saw the chiefs of ancient Masonry were cunning Jews who attacked Jesus' men. The chiefs of modem Masonry, the successors of Desaguliers and Adoniram are, on the other hand, an amalgam of mercenaries: Jews who attack the Christian religion and Protestants who attack Catholicism.
   The new chiefs are no less cunning than the ancient ancestors. They have in their hands the reins of all the Masons. They play with them at will.

   And finally, I saw disasters and catastrophes advancing on humanity.
   So you will see it, too, Samuel.

   In this History you see that the Masonry of our ancestors was built on lies, fallacies, fanaticism and corruption. From this lying were born the ancient symbols and the instruments of architecture and construction with which they armed themselves. With this lying Herod "found" ancient papers in his grandfather's chest, etc. as we saw earlier.

   They created all those lies to conceal the secret of the date of its foundation, achieving success in their deceits for many centuries.

   You see, too, that in the modem, the same deceit exists, used by the heir chiefs among the mass of the Masons. These, ,just like the ancient mysterious ones, believe that no one knows the origin, time, place or goal of this Association.(72)

   The mother Masonry threw all her intention in a single goal,
which was the battle against Jesus' men. The daughter Masonry, surpasses that limit by great distances. It acts for the demolition of thrones and the abolition of authorities, spiritual and temporal, so it may have absolute domination of the world. It adopted the same emblems as Jesus: liberty, fraternity, equality; but this adoption proves to be very contradictory to the true.

   The liberty of Jesus was moderated, benevolent and fruitful. The liberty of the Masons is extremist, without limits, liberty of blasphemies and deceits, destructive of characters, religions, wealth, lives and families.
   The fraternity of Jesus was pure and human; it preaches brotherhood among people. It imposes mutual love on them and alienates them from hate and from evil . Masons, my son, practice a brotherhood full of egoisms and privileges. Personal love prevails among them, the love of revenge, divisions and endless conflicts. I see that betrayal, aggression, robbery, pride, profanation and nihilism reign among them.

   The equality of Jesus' is just and legal before the law and religion. In Masonry, "equality" signifies the disappearance of all order, With this supposed equality the reins of liberty are beyond all order, with everything falling into confusion and with the loss of true values.

71. Jonas: I, as one of the heirs, was working with the same statutes.
72. Awad Khoury: Review the translation of the booklet, "Two Centuries of Masonry," in this same work, page 36 where it mentions Dr. Oliver, who said: "Our Association existed before the creation of the terrestial globe and was spread through the planets of the solar system."


     Fifth" Investigation

   Behold, Samuel, my studies of the "aid" in the daughter Masonry.(73)
   This word was nothing but a net cleverly tended by the successors, founders of the new Masonry and the secondary chiefs in order to snare young solicitants. Our "History" does not mention this term, "Mutual Aid," among the mysterious ones except in what is related to attacking the Christian religion. The cunning of Desaguliers and Anderson inspired them with the creation of this net for the purpose of attracting people to the Association, knowing that every brother, with regard to aid, is needy and needs it. For that reason they put in their general statutes the term "Aid."

   If, at the beginning, some brothers were benefited by some aid, later, with the increase in the number of affiliates in the lodges spread throughout all countries and territories, that aid was dis
sipated until disappearing.

   We have heard many complaints from brothers about the neglect of the chiefs, especially when aid was given only to the wealthy brothers. The aid was sold and bought. The discontented ones increased in number demanding the application of Anderson's law of "Mutual Aid." Finally they made this stipulation:
. Either Anderson's law of Mutual Aid be applied or it be revised in this way: Whoever pays more, receives more aid.

   I knew many who lost their jobs in commerce, government, industry and other occupations, it being impossible for the chiefs to offer them aid, and they remained without work. I also know many brothers who intentionally burned down their own businesses, expecting Masonic aid that they never received.

73. Samuel: It Is understood that the mother Masonry is the ancient, "The Mysterious Force," from the year 43 after Christ until 1717. The daughter Masonry is the new, from June 24. 1717 on.

    Sixth Investigation

 The secrets and the Principal Leadership

   Son, I believe that Desaguliers, the Protestant, bequeathed the secrets to his successors, the Protestants; and that David Adoniram bequeathed them to his successors, the Jews; the inheritance proceeding, without doubt, from Desaguliers, who had robbed the manuscript from Joseph Levy, the grandfather of my mother, Esther, on the one hand; and, on the other hand, Adoniram's own manuscript that undoubtedly would be in the possession of his successors until today. As we, too, possess this manuscript of Abiud.

   But the chief successors of those two groups (those of Desaguliers and those of Adoniram) continue inheriting the same principal secrets and bequeathing them, in turn, monopolizing and mocking their brother Masons.

Seventh Investigation

   Mother Masonry, her Daughters and Granddaughters

   The Masonry of our ancestors, "The Mysterious Force," was called the "widowed mother" in honor of Hiram who was orphaned of his father. Hiram, therefore, was called the "widow's son."

   The mother grew monstrously. If it were not for her the Jewish religion would have disappeared. But it did not succeed in its longing to annihilate the Christian religion. It did, however, increase enormously. Later, oh surprise! it ended in dissensions and disturbances. Disturbances that dragged it to death; it was ready for burial at the beginning of the 17th century.

   After a time it began to revive slowly. In silence and without pain a daughter was born: Laicism. This creature felt itself weak and retarded in its growth. It asked its mother to give it a sister to aid it. Then New Masonry was born, thanks to the work of Joseph Levy and John Desaguliers. The two sisters grew, united by a great love. From them two groups were formed: one Jewish, the other Protestant. The first group, the Jewish, preserved the principle of the mother Masonry, which is to attack all Christianity. The second, the Protestant, specialized in attacking Catholicism.

   Then they arose united and began the war against thrones, destroying a great number of them and casting royal authority to the ground. Over those ruins they established fictitious "republics, " whose evil was much worse than that of the thrones. The dilemma was greater because instead of being merely democratic republics, beneficial to the people and the country, they were intentionally based on confusion and injustice, discrediting the two authorities: Spiritual and Temporal, and liquidating values, respects and rights.

   Know, then, that the offspring of those wicked principles have not yet been stopped. In the course of centuries other daughters and granddaughters will be born of them.


    Eighth Investigation


   Know, my son, that the new Masonry, responding to the demands of the enemy of humanity and fulfilling orders to increase the daughters of corruption, gave birth to Socialism. This granddaughter came to be evil  worse than earliest evils.
   I predict to you, Samuel, that all these creatures will grow and give birth, by Satanic spouses, to other creatures of wickedness, corruption and destruction.

   They will be multiplied and they will scatter their  seeds over all the earth, corrupting it and how poisonous will be their fruits! Each one of those creatures will form a party and each party will look out for the interests of its mother, aggravating the evils of confusion, civilization disappearing, eliminating religion and education degenerating. Then the trumpets of grief and disaster will blow.

   This prophecy of mine will be fulfilled and will have a great echo.(74) Our descendants will see infernal generations. Men will remember me, after my death. They will testify to this opinion of mine that all the corrupt descendants will be daughters and granddaughters of mother Masonry. How fitting this is, with respect to this: Evils beget nothing but evils.

74. George Lawrence: The prophecies of my grandfather, Jonas, have been fulfilled, for the most part. Those evil creatures produced worse creatures. Nihilism, Bolshevisms, Communism and Socialism. And we will see many such examples. May God free us from what will occur!

    Ninth Investigation

    Masonic Education

   Thus, son, you understand that modem Masonry preaches exaggerated liberty to attract the people. Man is, by nature, inclined to absolutism.

   The father Masons inherited this style of life from their fathers, expanding it, generation after generation, until reaching, little by little, "Nihilism." The father Masons create in their sons the love of easy objectives. They educate them in the love of the worldly and they inculcate in them disbelief in punishment for wickedness and in reward for good works. Thus the sons are reared in extremist liberty, corrupt character and avid desires.

   It is necessary to mention those few Masons who, knowing that terrible evil, impede their sons from joining Masonry, giving them a correct education.


   Tenth Investigation

  Masonic Teaching

   All that I have recorded in my investigations about the foundation of new Masonry and what we see in the new human community is confirmed in the Masonic laical (anti-religious) institutions.

   These institutions, Samuel, on increasing in number, will be a disaster for religions, because whoever is bred and educated in the principles of "No Religion," will grow, marry and have children without their knowing a religion that leads them to God and to follow the path of reason.

   The parents, sunk in worldly joys, cannot do anything but bring their children up according to this system. The laical institutions, my son, will be a rude blow for religions. You will see the certainty of my prophecy.
   What horrendous sin those first ancestors bear!

   Eleventh Investigation

  The Responsibility of the Corrupt Clergy

   This, son, is an investigation on which I should not comment because we are still new in a religion that is an enemy of Masonry. But, inspired by my firm purpose of perfecting this History, I take this investigation upon myself, not without first gathering firm and profound proofs.

   Among those whom God created to be the mirror of virtues, an example of purity, a fountain of correction, veracity and justice, the pride and center of social gatherings, the prototype of kindness, the pillar of piety and reason; among them, I tell you, there is a small number who, corrupt, avoid their duties and spatter themselves with the mud of diverse sins. ! do not specify any religion; in accord with my experiences and investigation to complete this History, I noticed corruption in the religious of all religions.

   This corrupt element was an important pretext in the Masons at the beginning and the recent Masons. It was a useful weapon for them, used to attack all religions, without considering their virtues. They have condemned the good as well as the evil  and the pure as well as the corrupt. They have inculcated in the people the spirit of rancor, rebellion and scorn with cries of: "Corruption embraces the clergy!" "The clergy conceals delinquency, lies, crime, rancor, pride, envy, disturbances, drunkenness, degeneration, etc., etc...!"

   Son, you will certainly find among the clergy some men with these characteristics, but you must not judge all by the sins of some. Nevertheless, we are not justifying the works of those corrupt ones; they must be warned and reproached, they must be expelled, they must be eliminated like the weed from the good seed.

    Twelfth Investigation

   Masonry and the Woman

   Jonas said: When my wife, Janet, read the narrative of my investigations and reached here, she asked me to let her write this part because of its relationship to the woman.

   Janet said: it is understood that the mother Masonry is the mortal enemy of Jesus and that it was established to attack him. It ridiculed all his works and ironically imitated all his kind teachings. The heirs embraced these principles.

   They wanted to imitate Jesus in his affection for the woman, do not believe that their affection is pure as was that of Jesus. Jesus loved
the woman with his divine affection, obliging the man to treat her with justice and obliging her to obey him, the women's leader. Jesus wanted to give the woman that divine affection because she is the soul of the education of her children, its foundation and its strength. He traced for her the path of correction to teach her children the virtues and good behavior. If all the people followed this pure style and gave the woman what Jesus specified for her, the result would surely have been virtuous children.

   Masons gave the woman a different affection, a disfigured affection, an ignoble affection. The imitation of Jesus on the part of the Masons is, in this sense, false and evilly intended. It is different from the pure will of Jesus. They do not define affection as Jesus did. They liberated her from all rules and conditions, having as a result the degeneration and misery of the woman. Our descendants will witness horrible spectacles born of the misery of the woman.
   The woman, with this exaggerated affection, was falsely exalted, fraudulently cultivating her pride without advising her of the irreparable loss that would be produced in her. With extremist liberty, the woman lost her temporal and eternal happiness, she lost her education, she lost her life and even more, she made the world lose family, social, educational and procreative order. If she took
comfort in this easy and voluptuous life, the result of this joy was misery and mourning, mourning and misery for all the world.

   Samuel said: After finishing the recording of the
previous investigations, I wanted to explain an idea to my father.
   It was midnight in the month of March
of 1822; I put down my pen and said to my father: I have recorded all your investigations up to the twelfth. Now, in spite of my youthful age (75)  I dare to suggest that the rest of the investigations are not so indispensable for this History. It is enough, indeed, to mention their Titles:

       Masonry and Intuition  
       The Church .

      The Mosque, etc., etc

   Then James(76) reviewing the investigations mentioned agreed to Samuel's proposal. Looking then at his wife, he said to her: I fulfilled your sacred will, dear Janet. I fulfilled my mission and my duty; I dissipated the darkness, as you asked me to. I justify my attitude before science, history, religion and I am content. Now the history of my ancestors is in your hands and those of my son, Samuel. Soon I will be traveling and you will have the right, if I do not return, of giving to this manuscript the destiny that God will inspire in you.  
Janet said: After those events my husband traveled and died in a foreign land in the year 1825. May God give him peace in reward for his great work for humanity.

75. Fifteen years
76. Jonas.


                              SOME REFERENCES ON FREEMASONry(77)

Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Masonic Order, edited in Buenos Aires in 1947, vol. I, pg. 496: "With respect to the origin of Masonry, nothing, absolutely nothing concrete and indisputable can be affirmed prior to the transformation and evolution of the year 1717, which is the true rational and demonstrable origin of the Order."

   Salvat Encyclopedic Dictionary (9th edition), vol. 6, pg. 127: "Freemasonry. Secret Association in which are used several symbols taken from masonry; such as squares, levels, etc. History. FREEMASONRY claims to be an association of men who are dedicated to the personal improvement of their members and universal brotherhood, based on a claimed religious tolerance and with principles of humanitarianism. It is a secret society, whose goals are known entirely only to those who have reached the highest degrees of initiation and that conceals its activities under symbolism apparently derived in great part from the occupation of mason and from the art of architecture.
!In regard to its origin, it is the almost general opinion today that it was born of the ancient guilds of English masons, four of whom, under the initiative of one of their leaders, Anthony Sayer, founded the first Grand Lodge in 1717, having edited, then in the early years of its existence, the statutes of the Order, of which, for the first time, the "ancient duties," that are still in force today, formed a part. This FREEMASONRY, called
Anglo-American, so it seems, does not have the anti-religious spirit that characterizes the Roman or Latin. The latter, subject to the influence of the Grand Orient of France, does not require of its members the belief in the Great Architect and in the" immortality of the soul and has been marked always by its anticlerical position.

The first French Lodge was founded in Dunkirk in 1721, under the influence of English FREEMASONRY, from which were derived also the first lodge of Spain (1728) and that of Portugal (1735). In 1925 Fascism dissolved it and in 1934 Naziism continued its example. In Spain, by a law of March 1, 1940, it has been condemned and it is considered a form of crime to belong to it. In France, the government of Petain also prohibited its officials forming part of it.                                          

 The Church prohibits belonging to FREEMASONRY under pain of excommunication under Canon 2335 of the Corp.Jur.Can. Earlier Clement XII (1738). Benedict XIV (1751), Pius VII (1821), Leo XII (1825), Pius IX (1846) and Leo XIII (1884) had already hurled their anathemas against it. In 1934,  4  million Masons existed in the world, of which 2O0,0OO pertained to the European continent, 479,000 to Great Britain and 3,26000  to the United States.

   Universal Illustrated Encyclopedia. Espasa. Barcelona. "Masonry...Origin and Development of Masonry (pg. 733) Vol. 33.... There are three principal Theories: .1. That which attributes the origins of Masonry to the Knights Templar.

2. That which supposed it was born of the battle launched by the popular classes to free themselves from the pressure of feudalism, taking for its base the organizations of the societies and guilds.

3. That which attributes its foundation to the Jews. Tirado- Rojas claims to harmonize these three opinions, saying: 'that symbolic Masonry, up to Degree 13, corresponds to the Ancient Age; to Degree 30, to the philosophic; and sublime Masonry, to the Modem Age.'

   ...Without going into details about these diverse opinions, we observe only that the one that still enjoys the most credit is that which makes Masonry a continuation and transformation of the ancient corporations of architects and builders of buildings, in which the artesans were making room for more learned members, with whom they began speculative discussions, until coming to transform itself into modern Masonry "

   James Oliver in his book, "Antiquity of Masonry:" "Masonry was practiced in other planetary systems before the formation of the Earth." Alberto J. Triana in his book, "Masonry .. History of the Brothers Three Points," pt. II: "With respect to ancient Masonry great obscurity reigns; which gave place to the invention of numerous hypotheses, many of them improbable, absurd and ridiculous; such as those like for example, the making of its dating back to our first father, Adam. the Order being initiated by the Eternal Father in the Earthly Paradise; to Lamech, the killer of Cain, who killed his brother, to Zoroaster, supreme head of the Magi and founder of Mazdaism (religion of the Persians, contained in the sacred books of the Zend-Avesta); to Confucius, founder of the religion of the Chinese; to Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician, founder of the sect of Pythagoreans... Numerous
concurrences exist between Judaism and Masonry. On the other hand, the obscurity of its origin is a tactic that the Masons employ in order to make difficult the investigation of its ultimate goals. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that historically such origin has not been able to be demonstrated, it is a fact that Jews as well as Protestants easily accommodate themselves to the purposes of Masonry; because modern Judaism suffers the same crisis in its religious beliefs as Protestantism; "and because everything that is directed directly against Christianity, protects, in a similar manner, Judaism."

Mariano Tirado-Rojas, converted Mason, states --
according to Triana -- that the Order was founded after the "Diaspora" or dispersion of the Jews, on Jerusalem's being destroyed by the Romans in the year 70; that it always subsisted hidden; that it made use of the associations of medieval artesan builders for its purposes; and that it succeeded in conquering members among the knight crusaders in the Holy Land.

   Joseph Lehman, Catholic Priest. wrote the following: "The origin of freemasonry must be attributed to Judaism, certainly not to Judaism as a whole, but at least, to a perverted Judaism."
   Nicolas Serra-Caussa states: "The inventor, founder or introducer of the Masonic system, if he was not a Jew by circumcision, was as much a Jew at heart as the best of the circumcised, for Masonry breathes Judaism through its four sides."

   The rabbi, Isaac Wise, wrote in 1855: "Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, assignments, signs and explanations are of a Jewish nature from beginning to end,"

   The Jewish historian, Bernard Lazare, wrote: "It is evident there were only Jews, and cabalistic Jews, in Masonry's origin." And finally Hertzel, the founder of Zionism, in 1897 in Switzerland, said: "Masonic lodges established all over the world offered to help us achieve our indendence. Those pigs, the non-Jewish Masons, will never understand the final object of Masonry."

77. References gathered by the translator to Spanish.

All these references below refer to the History Book itself and not to the copy as per Web site. This account was given to back up the original account . The author of this Web Site has a copy of the original History in hand for reference. 


Preface to the English Edition ..............................................  6    
Dedication .......................................................................     7
Introductions  ...................................................................     9
Agreement.........................................................................  10

                                              First Section

Introduction to the Work ..........................................................................17
Supplement "A".......................................................................................  36

Second Section

1 Narrative of the events in the successive Sessions transacted in the court of King Herod Agrippa, that blossomed, Culminating In the foundation of the Masonic Association. Session of June 24 of the year 43 after Christ: How Hiram Abiud, Counselor of King Herod, conceived the Idea of founding the Masonic Association, proposing it in the Court of Jerusalem

 The second meeting King Herod held with Moab Levy, first counselor, and Hiram Abiud, on June 25 of the year 43 of our era .................................................................................  44     
3 The Foundation of the Association, "The Mysterious Force"

4 The Frightful Oath .....................................................................51 

5 .The horrifying oath of the founders ..........................................53     

6 Foundation of the first lodge, called the "Lodge of Jerusalem".... 56

7 The General Oath ....................................... .............................58

8 The manner of joining ................................................................59
9 In the interior of the Temple, Designation of the tasks of the Founders ...............61
10 The preparation of the Instruments and Symbols..............................................63

11 The First Session and the First Temple.............................................................64 

12 Preaching to attract affiliates ............................................................................65
13 The Foundation of Secondary Temples In Judea

14 The establishment of Associations affiliated to ours, but with other names. .........69
15 The death of Herod Agrippa, founder of the Association
...... ............................71 

16 Hiram succeeds King Agrippa in the Presidency of the Association   ..................72   
17 Hiram's disappearance
18 Plan for the wake held as homage in honor of Hiram Abiud founder of the Association ........ 76
19 The signs of recognition and the norms for entering the Temple .............................................79  

20 The Official Norms of the Third Degree; Their Divulgence to the other temples in Master Hiram's name, according to King Agrippa's will during his life.............................................................................81
2I The text of the order sent to all  the temples of the Association; The confirmation of the Third Degree: The Degree of Master Hiram and the Rituals of the Act...................................................................................84
22 Synthesis of what occurred from the year 55 after Christ until the year l05 after Christ...............87
23 The Designation of the Degrees...............................................................................................88
24 Synthesis of what occurred from the year 115 until the year 5OO after Jesus............................90
25 What happened after the appearance of Mohammed, the founder of the Islamic Religion.......... 91
26 The foundation of Temples in Europe after the Temple of Rome ...............................................92

27 How we knew that the founder of the Temple of Rome, and its first presidents were descendants of Hiram Abiud and the transfer of one of his descendants to Russia.:......................................................................93
28 How Joseph Levy, his son, Abraham, and Abraham Abiud were sent to London.......................94
29 Details of Joseph Levy's assassination and what occurred later................................................. 95

30 Conditions and requirements Adoniram imposed on Desaguliers. ..............................................97

31 Jonas' affiliation with New Masonry.......................................................................................99
32 The ascent of Jonas to the Second Degree: Fellow Craftsman.. ............................................103

33 Jonas' ascent to the Third Degree: the Degree of Master Hiram. ..........................................104  

34 Jonas' ascent to the following Degrees, to the 18th...............................................................105

35 My ascent to the 18th Degree, or that of the Rose Cross. ....................................................106
36 The counsels offered by Janet to her husband James (Jonas) so he would no longer associate himself with the enemies of the Church of Rome.................................................................................................107
37 My ascent to the other degrees, from the 19th to the 33rd...................................................109
38 The delivery of the secrets on the part of James, or Jonas, to his son, Samuel.......................110
Some References on Freemasonry...........................................................................................124