Dissipation of the Darkness
Origin of Freemasonry Chapters 7 to 19

The General Oath

On August 10th the nine founders met, presided over by the King, who opened the session saying:

Dear Brothers: We, the founders, have outlined our fundamental mission, We have evaluated our responsibility faced with the horrifying and private Oath that we have taken. Now we must study the text of the oath that those who desire to join our Association must take. I will read its text and if you approve it, we will decree it and record it. It will be called the general Oath.

Text of the General Oath that every affiliate must take

"I, John Doe, son of John Doe, swear by God, the Bible and my honor that, since I have been accepted as an affiliate and member in the Association, 'The Mysterious Force,' not to betray my brothers (its members), in anything that might harm their persons or malign the decrees of the Association, to fulfill in everything what its active members decree and not to reveal anything of its secrets to anyone. If I betray this oath, my throat will be cut and any type of death will be permitted for me."

Brothers: If the affiliate is Jewish we will make the truth known to him, that is, that the goal of the Association is Jewish union; and if he is not a Jew we will not permit him to understand anything, but then we must have assured ourselves that we are not dealing with a spy or partisan of our enemies. As he progresses up the scale of the degrees of the Association, he will be advanced little by little in the knowledge of the primordial goals and at an opportune moment it will be revealed to him that the fundamental goal is to kill the partisans of Jesus and to preserve the Jewish religion. Then there will be no need to oblige him, for he will do so with all enthusiasm.(4)

Let us not forget that the greatest of the fundamental secrets, hermetically guarded, is the date of the foundation and the names of the founders. If they ask us .we must hide the truth, lie, lie in the interests of the Association, the Jewish religion and the Jewish nation. Thus we must answer. "In a room in the palace of King Herod the Great papers were found that contain ancient Egyptian laws, signs and symbols with mysterious words concerning this Association. Said papers were inherited from our remote ancestors of a date impossible to know. Do they date back to Solomon, David or Moses, or to earlier epochs? We do not know."

How does this reply seem to you? Will you approve it?

Yes, they all said; and it was recorded. (4). It Is clear here that the goal of ancient Masonry was solely the preservation of the Jewish religion. The new Masonry, that Is, after the year 1717, tripled Its goal: one port (the Jews) preserved the ancient principles; the second group embraced the principles of Desaguliers, that is, to attack Catholicism; and the third group adopts the principles of naturalism and nihilism.

The manner of joining

Hiram(5) said: King Herod Agrippa, Moab Levy and Hiram Abiud agreed on a special form for those whom they wish to join the Association. They hold that the form of affiliation should be different from and superior to that of all associations, companies or brotherhoods -- this being done for the purpose of creating prestige among the affiliates, who, besides attaching great importance to it, will have to fear it. We will make this objective easier, saying we have inherited this form mentioned, we have found it among the papers found by King Herod in the coffers of his father. And that is how we wish to preserve the memories of our ancestor founders of this Association, also we will preserve the rest of the relics that remind us of their zeal for the Jewish religion and people; preserving all these memories we will fulfill our Jewish religious and civil obligations.

This version, Majesty, must be anther of the secrets known only by us, the nine founders. What do you think of this, my Lord? (5) The owner of this Manuscript.


Your idea is commendable, Hiram. My opinion is to bandage the eyes of the postulant so he may see absolutely nothing of the temple until after the oath.

While outside, his eyes will be bandaged; the porter delivers him to the sponsor, who, in turn, conducts him toward the President, telling him in his ear to take three steps, beginning with the right foot. Then, he makes him pass between two columns. This act symbolizes that the outsider, the stranger, the foreigner is, before entering, in darkness, and joining us and taking the oath he is transported from darkness to light, the Jewish religion being represented by the light.

The president calls him and makes him swear to the oath. The president will have in his hands a sword whose blade will be over the neck of the postulant. In front of him and in the hands of the sponsor will be the Bible (Torah).

The oath taken, the bandage is removed and he finds himself with a sword held over his head and in front of his eyes the Bible and a light.

Then the sponsor puts a small apron on him that symbolizes his affiliation with us to participate in the construction of the walls of our edifice, which is the fortification of the Jewish religion and the protection of its existence.

His explanation finished, the King said to his two companions:

Do you approve this? They answered in the affirmative. On the following day the nine founders were summoned and informed about the manner of joining, the lecture effected by Hiram. All approved it, it being noted in the record.

In the interior of the Temple(6)

Designation of the tasks of the Founders

King Agrippa said: We all know that our edifice is constructed on the foundations of brotherhood. In spite of the fact that brotherhood and trust are our emblems, each one of us will have his specific-mission which he will carry out with all fidelity, with all zeal.

I believe we must begin by assigning a commission to each one of us who will accept, confirming in that way their adherence to the principles of the Association and submitting to any sacrifice for its service. Each one must, before his colleagues, demonstrate to be imitated, two qualities: humility and conformity, so all may know that there is no room in his heart for envy. That is, each one will accept his commission without envying his colleague; thus your abnegation will be proven. When you will know your respective commissions, if anyone has any objection, he must reveal it; or, if he does not, we will record his approval.

President King Herod Agrippa
Vice President Hiram Abiud
First Secretary Moab Levy
Second Secretary Adoniram
Observer Johanan
First Assistant Abdon(7)
Second Assistant Antipa
Sponsor Aberon(8)
Porter Abia

All approved the distribution of the commissions, it being noted in the records of the Association.(6) Johanan proposed that the name of the meeting place be Temple, claiming to Immortalize the Temple of Solomon. In 1717 it was changed to the name of Lodge.(7) In the new Masonry, the title of Assistant was changed by Desaguliers. Note also that at the beginning no money was required because there was no treasurer.(8) The member who is in charge of the affiliation of those who solicit entry.


The King said: You already know that we must make everyone believe that our Association is very ancient. And so there may be no doubt about the legend of the "found papers," we will place in our temple Symbols from ancient times, such as those Solomon used in his Temple.

We will erect two Pillars as Solomon did in the Temple. We will call the first BOOZ and the second JACHIN. One will be to the right; the other to the left. We will say also that our brother, Hiram Abiud, is Hiram Abiff, the Great Syria1 Architect called by Solomon for the construction of the Temple. These two subterfuges must be noted in the general principles of the .Association.

We will reinforce this deceit with the use of the instruments of construction that the architect Hiram utilized in the construction, such as the Square, the Compass, the Trowel, the Scales, the Hammer, etc., all of wood as Hiram Abiff had them.

It is fundamental that the front of the Temple must face the East, a point that I will explain to you later. I believe also that we must adopt symbols inspired by the firmament, such as the stars, the sun and the moon, symbols that remind us more of antiquity. We will also utilize other symbols to recall the impostor Jesus, the images of which we will select so they may be adopted by our sons and grandsons who inherit this History together with the administration of our new Association.

This is what I wanted to consult with you with respect to the form and aspect of the temple we have founded and the responsibilities we have thus acquired and decreed in this blessed week, blessed week! Now, what do you think?

Unanimously they gave their enthusiastic approval to the words of the King, noting it in the records.

The preparation of the Instruments and Symbols

King Agrippa said: Our general union pleases me a great deal because thus we will be a single heart and a single hand. This indicates that we have no envy, that we have no pride. Alleluial(9) We have. completed, thanks be to God, the task of the foundation of the Temple, and we have, in principle, agreed on the choice of symbols, overcoming all disagreement and all envy. Alleluia!

We have prepared some symbols in conformance with what was decreed in the previous session. Here are the two pillars: Booz(10) and Jachin. (11) Here also are some builders' instruments that are made of wood in order to verify that our Association dates from Solomon's Temple or perhaps earlier, because the instruments utilized in the construction of Solomon's Temple were all of wood. Let us erect the two pillars, one at the right and the other at the left. Let us bless them. We bless these instrument and we also bless these various symbols of Jesus (12) that represent, ironically, some episode of those that the Impostor spoke of during his preaching in his instructions and blasphemies, such as the cock, the sword, the light, the darkness, the hammer, because of its being the instrument that was used to nail his hands and his feet, and with it we will open all the sessions, emphasizing this irony. Every session will be opened by striking three times consecutively with this hammer; thus we will remember eternally, through the centuries, that we have crucified him and that with this hammer we have fixed the nails in his hands and feet, killing him. These three stars you see symbolize the three nails. We would be able to change them for three points that VI have the same significance. Among our symbols will be the three steps, ridiculing with them this blasphemy: God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost, with his claiming to be the Son.

9. Praise God.
10. Symbol of strength.
11. Symbol of firm establishment.
12. Referring to Jesus, but not conceding the word 'Christ.' Translator's note.

Within our Association, we will make degrees, as we have mentioned previously. These will be thirty-three, symbolizing the age of the impostor. We will give a name to each degree and we will create other similar symbols. All these things were my idea and those of brothers Moab and Hiram. The meaning of these ironic symbols must not be perceived; it must remain among the nine of us. For the other brothers or affiliates it is enough to make them see the utilities and instruments so they may believe that the Association was founded in the times of Solomon or earlier than this. Any brother can propose a new symbol.

What do you think and observe, brothers, concerning what I have presented to you. The six men (13) approved without objection, everything being recorded. Then the King said: Let us rejoice! Let us begin the march on the path to triumph! Let us take our first three steps! Let us strike three times with this victorious hammer,with the symbol of death for our enemy the Imposter, the symbol of the establishment of our honorable principles that we fix with the nails of brotherhood and union! Let us all exclaim with joy: Onward to Victory!

13. The King, Hiram and Moab being the ones who conceived the Idea as of the symbols.

The First Session and the First Temple

On November 4 of the same year (43) A.D. the first official session was realized in the first temple of Jerusalem, which was a basement in the Palace of King Agrippa.

The nine founders began their works preparing the instruments of construction made of wood and creating a new symbol: the apron that symbolized the protection of the clothing from the mud; all this to conceal the true purpose and to assure the affiliates of the antiquity of the Association.

The King-President said: I, with my authority as President (And not as King) grant each one of you the 33rd degree, the highest degree in our Association. From now on, each of you will enjoy this high degree. But I want to mention something to our brother, Hiram, hoping you may ,agree with me. I wish to make the 3rd degree special, and call it Hiram's degree, because he is the one who merits the distinction, the gratitude and the immortalization for being the first who founded the idea of founding this Association. He is the creator of this glorious idea. I grant him also the title of Master, because I consider, and you will consider it so with me, that Hiram is the Master. He is the one who deserves the title that the Impostor Jesus falsely attributed to himself. We will call this third degree, "the degree of Master Hiram."

And since our brother Hiram is orphaned of his father since childhood, knowing no one other than his widowed mother, I propose to call our Association, "The Widow," asking your approval.

From now on the name of the founders will be "The Sons of the Widow." Each member of the Association will call himself a son of the widow until the end of time because we believe that our Association will live until the end of time. For all that we honor our brother Hiram, we will not succeed in esteeming his grand favor. We must honor him still more. But the title of Widow agrees with the object of our Association because the widow always needs help and aid, this title being the symbol of the co-operation and help among us, besides recognizing Hiram's work. Do you' approve all this?

Everything was approved and recorded.

Preaching to attract affiliates

The nine founders, with the exception of the King, (14) began the campaign for the inscription of affiliates in the Association.

They dispersed primarily in the city of Jerusalem, noting the names of the solicitants, taking them to the Temple and making them inscribe without making known to them the real purposes of the Association (to attack Jesus' men). After having taken the oath, they informed them of the true goals. They inculcated in them that this Association, "The Mysterious Force," existed since the most remote antiquity, being revived at the will of the King so it might be the one powerful means of defeating the enemies of the Jewish religion who were dispersed everywhere and with great activity.

Hiram said: We let any person affiliate at no cost. In that way their number increased rapidly and we began to attack Jesus' men with all energy, impeding the people's following them. Many times we have caught them in our nets with traps and deceit, killing those of them that we could. They fled from us like Iambs before ferocious wolves. But they grew firmly in the faith of their new religion in the measure in which we persecuted them. They increased in number and in firmness. It seemed as if they did not fear us. It was obvious that a hidden force sustained them in spite of our persecution. For that reason we consulted among ourselves, we renewed our forces and we strengthened our Association because it was the only means of realizing our objective until the last phase. Based on this and on our solemn oath it was inevitable that we face the force that at the beginning, we believed to be weak. We decided to face death if it were necessary. We dedicated ourselves to increasing our forces, increasing the number of inscribers.

Within two months we achieved 2000 brothers, bearers of the title, Mysterious Ones. (15) We began to found affiliates in several places, dependent on the principal Temple.

14. His royal position Impeded his preaching.
15. Members of the Mysterious Force.

The Foundation of Secondary Temples in Judea

Hiram Abiud said: If it were not for our firmness in the protection of the Jewish religion, all Jerusalem might have fallen from our hands into the nets of the Impostor Jesus' preachers. Because the preachers of his teachings, after his death, despite their boorishness, were going about bewitching the people. That first successful campaign of ours incited us to establish affiliates everywhere, before the expansion of Jesus' preachers might increase and before those inclined toward him might increase.

We divided the founding commission in two: one part remained in Jerusalem, resuming the sessions under the presidency of the King, and activating and enthusing the affiliates. The other part headed for different points in Palestine, one in each direction, preaching the principles of the Association, making known the hatred against Jesus and his followers among the people and threatening with death whoever would permit himself to be influenced by those impostor preachers, and warning especially the leaders of the villages, pressuring them to expel from their regions those men (Jesus' men) who entered to preach.

At times we found some men faithful to the Jewish religion who helped us in our proceedings. Other times we encountered strong resistance. And the majority of times the fire of discussion was ignited among families and close relatives, coming to enmities and division.

Some continued following those teachings, adopting them. Others followed us, opposing their deceived relatives, battling with them to death. Many of these faithful enthusiasts killed their relatives for having followed the impostors. Such was the plan of each of us founders: the establishment of Temples and affiliates, persecution of the false preachers.

With our action we impeded the fall of many thousands of persons into their hands. We established forty-five temples from the day of the foundation to date, that is, fourteen months. Never have we taken a single step backward in our battle, in spite of the sorrow that is caused us by the fact that many of our people went with Jesus, giving in to the first followers and to the pagans who adopted his teachings.

It caused us grief to see our relatives going to the hands of our enemies, without our having succeeded in convincing them. We sacrificed our money, our time and our blood; we expelled them, we persecuted them and we killed those we could. If it were not for this battle they might have dominated our Jewish nation, they might have eliminated our Jewish religion and we ourselves might have inevitably fallen just like the others who fell in the chasms of the deceit and in the snores of those impostors.

Thus we recommend to our sons, grandsons and descendants who continue our action, not to be discouraged and to continue on the path we have outlined, armed with the "Mysterious Force" that we have founded, that it may continue battling that diabolic force(16) until the end of time as long as it exists and as long as it has imposter partisans.

We commend to you, oh descendants of ours, you who love your religion and your people! We commend to you the task of not letting die what we have revived, for your life and your religion. We commend you exceedingly with the defense of the religion until death as your emblem and sentiment, We commend you not to deviate from our line, a line of heroes that we have outlined for you with our blood, with the sweat of our brows, with our money and with our time; with which we have saved our religion, defeating our enemies and killing a number of them.

If this number had given in to their companions, the impostors might have defeated us, our religion perishing. We commend you to record our struggle and to continue it. We commend you not to forget to commend to your sons all that we commend to you. Never consider as a religion the society the impostor Jesus founded. Never call him the Messias. Never attend the meetings of his followers, because they are deceiving and confusing magic.

But, vain were our efforts to impede a great number from falling into his nets. Vain were the threats of death to recall them to our path. They had deaf ears. Our arguments, even the most extreme, were worth nothing to counteract the force of that doctrine. Nor was it possible for us to impede our Jewish people from adopting its principles. However, we must not forget the activity and zeal of our brothers, the founders, who performed miracles when faced with that current and in awakening thousands of our nation, directing toward us hands of moral and material collaboration. We must record here, in the pages of this History, the great favor that our co-religionists did for us, those who were fathers, brothers and collaborators with us without having joined our Association. These were more useful than many of the inactive and useless affiliates. With the valuable counsels of those rich and benevolent men who offered us their moral and materiel help without joining the Association, we have achieved a new system: the establishment of similar associations with another name, because according to information, many members are afraid to belong to the Association, "The Mysterious Force."

16. The force of Jesus Christ Is referred to.

The establishment of Associations affiliated to ours, but with other names(17)

After having obtained unexpected results by our action and after having erected our works on firm foundations and subjecting the affiliate temples to the orders of the Principal Temple, we all returned to Jerusalem and held a meeting in the presence of the nine founders, during which each one of us gave an account of the extent of his journey and mission with, reference to the foundation of affiliate temples. This success pleased King Herod exceedingly. He was even more pleased by our valiant attitude in front of the impostors and he was tremendously impressed to know that we succeeded extremely well in killing a great number of them with all the means within our reach, blocking their efforts, destroying their preaching and making their snares useless. With this we prevented people from attending their meetings. Some simple elements that were obstinate we considered of no importance because they belonged to the lower class.

In the course of the meeting the proposal of some wealthy enthusiasts, in regard to establishing affiliates of our Association with other names (different from "The Mysterious Force"), but having nevertheless the some principles, was put forth.

This proposal achieved the agreement of the King and the members and was recorded.

The names of the affiliate associations is the responsibility and choice of their founders or leaders, under the elementary conditions that they must have the same principles as the Mysterious Force, except in what concerned the degrees, the signs, the instruments and the other characteristics of our Association. The symbol of these must be two hands interlocked: Union and Collaborator.

The oath of these brotherhoods must be synthesized in the following text: "I, John Doe, Son of John Doe, swear by God, my creed and my honor, to unite myself to my brothers of the Association (whatever brotherhood} with everything they desire to realize, to collaborate with them and to be as one heart with them until death." .

With this decree we ended the session, each one of us obtaining a copy of the aforementioned oath. Each one of us left then, in his respective direction, resuming our work without neglecting our original, first task.

Such was our march in the path of the battle, rapidly establishing several brotherhoods with different names: "The Jewish Brotherhood," "The National Union," "The Religious Collaboration," "The Religious Obligation," etc. These brotherhoods made great progress thanks to the will of the leaders whom we selected as founders. These were the only ones who knew the relationship existing between the brother- hoods and our association. In the ,majority of cases, they were wealthy men. With their material aid, the number of affiliates in their brotherhoods increased and their number surpassed ours. We appreciate them immensely, in the name of religion and in the name of the nation. Their name and ours will be immortalized in History until the end of time.

17. It Is obvious that this record Is not only Hiram's, but also that of all the brother founders who scattered throughout Palestine.

The death of Herod Agrippa, founder of the Association

The member founders fulfilled their tasks everywhere. They received orders from King Agrippa to battle, to sacrifice themselves, to disseminate the doctrine, to increase the number of Temples and Brotherhoods, to battle strictly the preachers of the Impostor. This campaign was arranged by the two great men: King Agrippa and Hiram Abiud, who will be remembered gloriously until the end of time, because with this Association they revived an entire nation, surpassing their ancestors in the defense of the religion.

Those (the ancestors) persecuted and killed the Impostor, crucifying him, but these two great thinkers created a work that never crossed the mind of any man. Those killed some of Jesus' men; these, on the other hand, performed great marvels by their secret efforts and by their strict orders, killing hundreds of those confused confusers.

At this height of our battle, while we, the nine, and the other members of the central Temple and the other Temples were at the peak of the fighting, our president, the King, contracted an illness in his sight, and became blind within five days. Then he was attacked in his body, and became completely paralyzed. But in spite of his sufferings he did not relax in reanimating our spirits to persevere in the battle.

I being the closest, (18) the King, during his agony, entrusted to me his final secrets and his final will, addressing these last words to me in a passionate tone:

"Keep the secret! Continue the Action! Work untiringly! Destroy everything that...!" Here he caught his breath, and his soul left. This was in the year 44 after the Impostor.

For me, these phrases are my greatest joy and my greatest honor. I incorporate them in my discourses and they will be cited in the private and public meetings as a sacred verse. "Keep the secret! Continue the Action! Work, untiringly!" I desire that these phrases be the principal foundation of our works, to construct on them our success with the extermination of the preachers of the Impostor Jesus.

18. This being the copy of Abraham Abiud, the heir of Hiram Abiud, it is understood that the one who speaks here is Hiram, one of the nine founders.

Hiram succeeds King Agrippa in the Presidency of the Association

After the death of King Agrippa, Hiram was designated as president of the Central Temple of Jerusalem and President General of the Association, "The Mysterious Force," in a legal election realized by the eight founders, achieving the unanimous vote of the seven.

In place of the King, Agrippa was named as a member; he took the terrible oath and knew the secret. Our brother Hiram deserved the testimony of the King and ours as a true founder. All has been done thanks to his intelligence and will. One of his ideas during the succession was the suggestion of giving another name to the "Temple of Jerusalem," that of "The Great Eastern Star." He wanted to signify by this that the true light that illuminates and orients is this star and not the one that the Magi Kings claimed to have oriented them when they come from the East to visit the infant Impostor.

Then Hiram ordered that the star be drawn in the background of the Temple, behind the head of the President, on the upper port, and that it was to be surrounded by the words, written in purple: "The Great Eastern Star." He also ordered that the same thing be drawn above the interior door.

The president began a campaign to establish affiliate temples in the north of Palestine, delegating the presidency to Moab Levy, going himself to the different parts of the country, founding temples, disseminating hate for the Impostor in the hearts of the people and stating that the teachings of his preachers were lies.

Hiram, in his lengthy journey, arrived at Sidon, (19) persecuting Jesus' men, causing fear in the hearts of the simple folk who followed him. Seeing that the number of Jesus' followers increased enormously he asked the collaboration of his own companion founders. Moab sent him two: Adoniram and Agrippa. The three resumed the persecution against the impostors wherever they went, arriving even earlier in the respective villages in order not to leave them time or opportunity to preach.

19. A city In Lebanon.

Hiram's disappearance

The three missionaries dispersed in the eastern part of Sidon, penetrating the lands of Lebanon. A short time after the meeting of Adoniram and Agrippa with Hiram and the departure of each one in a different direction, Hiram disappeared without his companions' taking notice.

Informed, Agrippa exclaimed: "Hiram disappeared! Our President has been killed! What a disaster! I saw him last in Sidon!" When the news reached Jerusalem all the member founders except Johanan, who was sick, left for the region of Sidon. They began the search for their Brother and President, without finding traces.

Tobalcain, Hiram's nephew, who accompanied the members from the Temple, commented that, based on some information from the inhabitants he could have been a victim of wolves; a rumor was circulating among the inhabitants that wolves had devoured a dervish(20) and several other persons in those cold days of full-blown winter. For that reason they hastened the search, separating among themselves, but each little group accompanied by the residents of those areas, with the hope of coming upon Hiram's body if it were true that he had died.

Adonirom and Tobalcain, searching in the southeast direction, observed from afar three large birds gathered over an object under a tree. Approaching it, they saw a body lacerated by the birds and other beasts, devoured for the most part. They recognized it immediately as Hiram's body, by its clothing and especially by his silver ring with the hammer engraved on it. The birds they saw were vultures.

They gathered up his remains, his clothing, the ring and some branches of the tree in whose shade the body was and went back to Jerusalem. (We do not know of what species that tree was, but we believe that it is of the type called "Acacia.") Having arrived in Jerusalem they presented everything to the Temple.His nephew, Tobalcain, succeeded Hiram; he took the Oath and received the secret.

Moab Levy was elected President. The first of his orders was to cover the Temple of Jerusalem and the other affiliate temples with black letters as a sign of mourning for our brother Hiram. Then he ordered a magnificent wake only among the "Mysterious Ones"(22) in all the temples on the same night.

He also ordered that the commemoration of this wake be revived as long as the Association exists. As we read here these orders were recorded. Later the transferal of the first secretariat to Adoniram and the second to Johanan was decreed.

King Agrippa had given the Third Degree the name of Master Hiram. Completing the homage to the Master, Moab Levy ordered that the wake be realized every time the Third Degree was granted to a member. The member must represent our dead brother, Hiram, thus to keep his memory alive.These orders were recorded, becoming a part of our Fundamental Laws.

In the following session I suggested the following: (23) I have an idea that, without doubt, will be the "best backbone for our principle that indicates moving back the date of the foundation by thousands of years. I beg you, Brothers, not to accuse me of exaggerating the fame of my uncle Hiram with this idea. This is not my purpose, no. Listen to me: One of the principal decrees that I have read in the texts of our History indicates the hiding of the date of the foundation of our Association from all the people, including from our brothers in the Association, so they remain completely ignorant of its origin.

My opinion is the following: We must make known to the Mysterious Ones that the wake of homage mentioned is made in memory of Hiram Abiff, the Syrian, the Architect of the Temple of Solomon, killed by the three workers. With this deception we affirm before everyone the antiquity of this Association, the secret being kept forever.

With this event, the nine of us immortalize the memory of my uncle, the martyr of the Association. The general and public remembrance will be for Hiram Abiff. And so the mysterious ones do not understand anything of this, and to fortify the belief in the antiquity of the Association, we must make the date of the first order decreed by the Central Temple for the realization of the wake be the date of the creation of Man. We must add this principle to our others and note it in the records; thus, linking our true date with that of the beginning of creation, we will increase the preoccupation, the doubt in the world. Do you approve what is proposed, Brothers? All made known their delight in this idea, recording it with appreciation to Tobalcain for his wisdom and timeliness. Adoniram added: It is not fitting to realize the homage of the wake on the same night, as the President said, especially at this time nor is it fitting to inform the temples for their participation with us. Listen to my arguments:

As the news of the death of our brother Hiram is already known it will not be easy to convince the mysterious ones that the wake will be for the soul of Hiram Abiff, the architect of the Temple of Solomon. The nine of us alone must realize the wake for the soul of our brother Hiram Abiud, without making it known to anyone. Then we will keep it in reserve until a time passes during which the people's recollection of the memory of our Hiram will be erased.

We, the nine, and whoever succeeds us through the centuries, will not forget it. How can we forget it if there will be a copy of this History in the hand of each one of the nine? And thus we will complete the deception in such a way that none of the mysterious ones will suspect that the wake of the third degree corresponds to our brother, Hiram, president and founder of this Association. And everyone will believe that the wake of the third degree is for Hiram Abiff, the architect of the Temple of Solomon, it being impressed in the mind of the people that the origin of the Association is prior to Solomon. Thus no one will know anything of the date, the purpose, the place and the founders of the Association. Will you trust me Brothers, to prepare the text for this proposal? We approved it and assigned Adoniram to do so.

20. We dressed ourselves as dervishes: says Tobalcain.
21. Adoniran said that each of the nine carried one of these pieces of jewelry from the Temple. 22. Translator's note: members of the Mysterious Force.
23. It is obviou s that from here on the one who records in the copy Is Tobolcoin Abiud, Hiram's nephew.

Plan for the wake held as homage in honor of Hiram Abiud, founder of the Association

The task assigned to Adoniram completed, we held a session to discuss that matter. During the session our brother Adoniram read the following: Each one of us values Hiram as highly as King Agrippa, and we know that the King decreed that the third degree be denoted, "The Degree of Master Hiram." To dignify even more this degree and in homage to the King as well as to Hiram, I believe that what I read to you should form part of the rites of the Third Degree. I say:
1) Place the remains of our brother Hiram in a hidden room, with the door open. We will place in it his mantle, clothing and ring, and besides, a branch of those that accompanied his remains.
2) Two of us will go around, seeking the remains and return lamenting on not having found them.
3) Then five will go around, for the same purpose, returning, crying for not having found them.
4) Then we will all go about and seek separately here and there until finding his remains in the hidden room.
5) Having prepared then a coffin and a black mantle, some of us will return and, bringing the remains and Hiram's articles, we will place them in the coffin and cover them with the black mantle.
6) We will carry the coffin to the temple and over the mantle will be written the words, "dead," "living." Then we will begin the mourning, each one crying and pronouncing phrases of sorrow and lamentation.
7) We will light three lanterns: two over his head, which will be directed toward the "Eastern Star," and the third lantern over his feet. This is the symbol of the three nails with which we nailed Jesus.
8) The President will read some prayers for his soul, pointing out his character, his works and the graces attained for the good of the Association. He will recall that he was its founder and that he died a martyr to religious duty. That is why he is living, because he lives forever in us and in these symbols I have mentioned.
9) We will uncover the coffin and look at the remains as if he would speak to us. Then the President will say: "Speak,Hiram! Inform us about your battle and who killed you! We have heard that you did not perish by a natural death.
10) The President will kneel near his head and say the following discourse, representing Hiram. "I sought you, dear brothers, during my battle and in the last moment of my life I found no one!

"Indeed, I have not died a natural death; a hand killed me; the hand of the enemies or their followers! " I have died far from you! But my memory will live among you until the end of time! Keep my memory and my principles always! Fight as I have fought, attacking the Impostor's men who divided our religion! Do not fear nor lament for me! I am not dead! I am among you until the end of time! Do not renounce the mission of uniting our religion! I will help you wherever I am; my soul prays for you, my eyes watch you forever! Fight keeping the secret of my indestructible principles!

"To you I deliver the instruments, the implements with which I constructed this hidden edifice.

"To you I give a name and a memory that will live forever.

"Attack your enemies, the Impostor's men. Increase and grow. I am here watching your acts. In the final encounter I will pass judgment on you when I hear you say to me: 'You remained living among us, oh Hiram!'

"Brother founders, I call you from this desolation, I greet you, asking life for you and your Association. Death to your enemies!"

After the President finishes, kneeling, his discourse, as if Hiram himself had spoken, we will carry Hiram's remains to bury them in the tomb we have prepared at the side of the Temple.

From now on, the first of the conditions that the aspirant to the third degree (that of Hiram) must fulfill, is that of representing our dead brother; suffering the insults and the bitterness's that Hiram suffered in his battles on behalf of the principles of the Association. The associate must accept being placed in a coffin representing the corpse of Hiram. The coffin is left with the graduate in a dark room representing Hiram in the desolate field where he died. Then it is to be carried to the Temple and placed between the two columns: Booz and Jachin.

You must know the importance of the following matter. he who reaches the third degree must not relate its secrets to one who is lower, so the latter may not know its rites until his graduation. Before finishing Adoniran said: What do you think of what I have proposed to you? To which we answered that we approved the precision of his opinion; then it was recorded.

On the following day we buried Hiram in accord with the approved norms. After burying the remains, the nine of us completing the wake in homage, Adoniram said:   Brothers: These symbols are exclusively for the nine of us and those who succeed us. Thus it will continue as a memory and secret among the nine successors. None of the other Mysterious Ones must know that the homage is for our brother, Hiram Abiud, for on knowing it they will know that our Association was founded recently to combat Jesus' men. This would be troublesome for us because it would alienate many who desire to join.


In order to fulfill our purpose and to make the secret more hermetic, we must add to these symbols, other objects and symbols pertaining to Hiram Abiff, Solomon's architect. I will prepare them and explain them to you. Thus the mysterious ones will believe that the graduate represents Hiram Abiff and they will be convinced that the Association is most ancient, from remote times. (24)
You must remember that this degree is one of the most important traditional degrees.

24. Jonas: These were the ridiculous legends of our ancestors and that was their fanaticism. They Insisted that these symbols remain in th e Association as long as it existed. The first condition that our ancestor Joseph Levy, imposed on Desaguliers was to preserve those symbols and legends, as was noted in the first section of this book.

The signs of recognition and the norms for entering the Temple

Adoniram said: We have taken the symbols for our Association from the stars, from the implements of construction and architecture, and from what the Impostor said and did. We must now, brothers, create general signs that may be known by all the mysterious ones, not only by the nine of us. The purpose of this is so they may recognize one another wherever they meet. Here I read to you what I have prepared:

1) He who desires to enter the Temple officially, may not do so until the Commission of the Temple is certain that he is a mysterious one. It will be known if he answers properly with the secret word that they will know.
2) On entering he must take the three steps that we have so disposed in such a way that with the third step he may arrive at the center of the space bound by the two pillars. Then he greets the President in the following manner: the right hand is placed over his head; then he lowers it and places it, open, over his breast, below his neck. He will repeat his greeting three times;(25) The President stands and strikes three times with the hammer, lifting it over the head of the visitor, as if to threaten him. Then the president sits and the visitor, too. These movements signify that the visitor repeats the oath that he took when he was accepted as a member, that he is firm and active in the service of the Association, that he is sincere and that he will never betray it. The movement of the president symbolizes his threat with death if he betrays it. (26)
3) The mysterious one carries out these movements before whomever he wishes in order to make himself known, on the condition that he does not make the significance understood.
4) In case of danger or to ask help, the mysterious one will lift his clasped hands above his head. If there are mysterious ones near him they will offer him assistance.
5) Recognition with the eyes. Looking first at the forehead, then turning the eyes toward the left shoulder, then toward the right shoulder. If the other one is a mysterious one he must do the same, thus realizing the recognition. (27)
6) Recognition by touch. It is indispensable. It must be carried out in the following way: when the greeting is effected by the pressing of hands, the mysterious one will exert light pressure with his thumb over the first joint of the index finger of the one greeted. If the latter is a mysterious one, he will respond with the same movement, realizing immediately the recognition.(28)
7) Recognition by speech. I believe that it is fitting to have a "key" word and that it be sacred for us. I suggest that this word be BOOZ. When one asks the mysterious one, Are you a mysterious one? He will answer, "B;" then the other must say "0." The first will say "0." And the inquirer will complete it, "Z." Then they will recognize one another.(29)
8) Recognition by age. Mocking Jesus, his acts and his teachings with everything that was in our reach, we made the Degrees of our Association be of the number 33, symbolizing ironically his age. I think that the age of the mysterious one should be in accord with the following points:
A. Let the age of the mysterious one from the 1st to the 3rd degree be: three years, mocking thus the belief of the Impostor's men that he was three days in the tomb.
B. Let the age of the mysterious one from the 4th to the 30th degree be: 33 years, mocking the age of the Impostor. C. Let the age of the mysterious one from the 31st to the 33rd degree be unlimited, ridiculing thus their claim that the Impostor arose from the tomb and ascended to Heaven and that he lives for ever.(30)
D. We consider the age of our Association from the beginning of human creation, One, asking the other, What is the age of your widowed mother? The other must answer him, As old as Creation. The widow is our association, Thus King Agrippa, our first President, named it, reviving the memory of our brother Hiram, the son of the widow. Thus you must recognize yourselves. You must preserve these principles until the end of time. The session was recorded with complete agreement.

25. Jonas: It was made clear to me that modem Masonry has evolved somewhat with respect to these signs, as will be seen in my studies of the new Masonry.
26. Jonas: This is changed In the new Masonry.
27. Jonas: This is changed in the new Masonry.
28. This greeting exists in new Masonry thanks to our ancestor Levy who insisted on preserving It because It was one of the first princlpa1 movements.
29. Modified in the new Masonry.
30. Modified in the new Masonry.