Dissipation of the Darkness
Origin of Freemasonry Chapters 20 to 32


                                 The Official Norms of the Third Degree

 Their divulgence to the other temples in Master Hiram's name, according to King Agrippa's will during  his life.

   Tobalcain Abiud said: Some years after the death of my uncle, Hiram Abiud, I felt the obligation of carrying out the will of King Agrippa and our earlier decrees, giving orders to the other temples of the Association so they might consider the third degree, the degree of Master Hiram, as a legal and canonical degree. I made my opinion known to my eight companions who approved it. Our brother, Adoniram, had already prepared, according to his promise, the necessary supplements that would indicate Hiram Abiff, the architect of the Temple of Solomon and that would be attributed to him. With reference to this Adoniram said:


   When any brother ascends to the third degree, all the rites that we, the nine, have performed in the wake for our brother Hiram Abiud, must be realized in him, but in the following concealed manner:

   After transferring the coffin from the dark room to the temple, ending with all the rites, including the president's discourse, representing Hiram, the martyr of our religious battle (we must not neglect the act of eliminating from this specialized rite for all the temples, all reference to our brother Hiram, changing them for those that indicate Hiram Abiff), the aspirant is made to arise from the coffin and, with his eyes blindfolded,(31) the President leads him to a closed door of those of the temple where he says to him: "Enter after knocking on this door three times." The aspirant knocks. A member of the commission opens the door from within where he receives him with the hammer of the Impostor Jesus, (32) striking him on the back of the neck, (33) and asking him: "Where were you and where are you going?" to which the aspirant will answer: "I was in idleness and now I go to fight." The member replies: "You are lost, march by another path." The designated guide leads him to another door, knocking three times. The door is opened by another mysterious one, receiving him with a blow of the hammer on his forehead, asking him as the first one did and receiving the same reply. Then the mysterious one will say: "You lost the way for the battle, you must follow me, knowing the path is difficult and dangerous." He conducts him to a third door or to the same door but via a most difficult trip, during which he encounters many obstacles and suffers several falls. Once he will fall over thorns or rocks; another time he will go down or up a hill. All these obstacles will be prepared in the temple for this purpose. On arriving at the third door he knocks on it. The door is open, where a mysterious one gives him blows on the upper part of his head with a hammer. Immediately the aspirant's guide throws him to the floor as if he had died. Then they carry him, place him in the coffin and cover him with a mantle, leaving him with his eyes blindfolded. Immediately the President or another member of the commission reads the following discourse:

   "Brothers, you have seen in this traditional celebration, several spectacles that symbolize an exalted goal that cannot be attained without bearing suffering, fatigue and bitterness. Said goal is the departure of the man from death to life, this being impossible without his exposing himself to the greatest hazards of death. These sufferings that a new brother must suffer are the symbols of what I have just made known and also the historic symbol by which the new brother represents Hiram Abiff in his arduous task of constructing the Temple of Solomon. Thus it is that by exaggeration in the guarding of the secrets of his profession, architecture, he was persecuted by three workers (34) who, after having imported heavy punishments and sufferings, killed him at the third door. All this makes us understand that the path of the battle is difficult and dangerous. Nevertheless, we must not fear it nor deviate from it. We must continue in the path of courage to achieve our goals of fortifying the principles of our noble Association."

   On ending his discourse, the president whispers in the ear of the aspirant that he is to rise from the coffin, standing between the two pillars where the blindfold is removed. There the president will say: "Brother Aspirant to this sacred degree, you have heard what I have read when you were lying in this coffin which is the symbol of the struggle. You represented boldness and courage. You represented Hiram Abiff with his secrecy that he did not want to reveal, even to death. Look at these two columns that Hiram chose and erected in the back of the Temple of Solomon, Be as they are, strong in will and firm in principles."

   After this, the aspirant will say the following words: "I am no more than force, will, decision and firmness. I will keep the secret of all that I have seen and heard before men and even before the other mysterious ones who are below my degree."

   Thus the new brother in the third degree will believe that during the rituals he represented Hiram Abiff, without having the least idea that that homage was a memorial act for our brother, Hiram Abiud, founder of our Association, and therefore, he will not know either that it was founded recently and that we, the Nine, are the founders.

   Thus, Brothers, we will revive the memory of our brother, Hiram Abiud, with none of the mysterious ones or those outside our Association being informed of the intention of the nine of us, that is, the immortalization of Hiram, the founder of our Association, its fountain and father to whom we owe all zeal, enthusiasm and gratitude.

   Do you approve what I have read to you, in order to read then the text of the order we must send to all the temples? Adonirom's opinion was approved by all of us; we recorded it, and then we sent the order to the affiliated temples for their knowledge of the norms of the third degree and for its execution with all meticulousness and secrecy.

31. Jonas: It seem s that in ancient Masonry the eyes of the mysterious one were blindfolded only when he ascended to the third degree (the degree of Master Hiram). 
32. That Is, the hammer with which Jesus was nailed.
33. The blows are light because they are symbolic. In new Masonry the site of the blows was changed.
34. Jonas: In the Masonry of our ancestors (The Mysterious Force) the names of the three workers who "killed" Hiram were not mentioned. In new Masonry their names are: Jubilo, Jubila and Jubilum.

                                   CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE

The text of the order sent to all the temples of the Association. The confirmation of the Third Degree: the Degree of Master Hiram and the Rituals of the Act

   From the central Temple in Jerusalem to all the other Temples: Brother mysterious ones, president and active members of the Association, The Mysterious Force, give glory to God.(35)  Because our Association is of a most remote epoch and of unknown origin, we have tried to satisfy our desire of knowing that secret but, unfortunately, it was as impossible for us as it was for our fathers and ancestors.

   All that we have obtained was a document among the papers of King Herod Agrippa, the president of our temple, whose text is as follows:

   "Since Hiram, the architect of the Temple of Solomon, enjoyed the respect of his lord, and due to the great favor he did in the foundation and construction of the Temple and the administration of its
works, we decree that the third degree of the Association is to be the one that bears his name: the degree of Master Hiram; and that this is to last forever."

   This found document is not signed by anyone, and obeying the will of the owner of this order, whoever it may be, we order, in turn, that the Third Degree be denoted by the name of Hiram from today on. As we did not find among the papers, as we had expected, rituals pertaining to this degree, with the collaboration of the brothers, the members of the central temple, we have conceived rituals that you must respect without neglecting anything in the act of a mysterious one's ascending to the third degree. The norms that we have decreed are:

   1) Reserve in each temple a very small and dark room. The brother of the second degree is taken to the room with his eyes blindfolded, before being admitted to the temple. The blindfold is removed and the door is closed.  A coffin is prepared and a black mantle with the words, "living, dead" written on it. The two columns and the President's table only are covered with black cloths.
   2) One of the members is sent to seek the mysterious one and returns saying that he has not found him. Two others are sent, returning and saying the same. And then four are sent who find him in the dark room..
   3) The members of the commission walk toward the dark room carrying the" coffin and the mantle, where the aforementioned brother lies in the coffin with his eyes blindfolded, and they cover him with the mantle, placing over it the branch of acacia. They
carry him thus to the temple, placing him between the two columns.  
   4) Three lanterns are lit, one at each side of his head and the third over his feet. The members begin the mourning; crying and praying for the rest of the soul of Hiram, the one who is represented in this homage.(36)
   5) The president approaches the coffin and
uncovers the head with the immediate cry: "'Hiram is alive!" The president puts the cover on again, pronouncing the following discourse: (37)
   On ending all that was mentioned, they uncover the coffin and remove the blindfold from the eyes of the aspirant, who arises. The president will then say:

   "Brother, you know that in your ascendancy to the degree of Master Hiram you represented him, dead and living. Dead, you represented him assassinated in the struggle during his mission. Living, in his secrecy. You must adopt then, his struggle, his activity, his secrecy."

   The new brother answers with the words previously mentioned:, "I am no more than force, will, etc" At this time the president reveals to him the secret of the Degree, saying to him: "For recognition, there are three secrets:

  I) When you wish to make yourself known to those who are your superiors you will pronounce the first letter of the name JACHIN, you will be answered by the pronouncing of the second letter, etc...

2)  Or you will say, "DEAD," and you will be answered, "LIVING."

3) Or you will touch your temple with your fist, lowering your open hand rapidly." 

4) At the end of the act and after the delivery of the secret, you will vest the aspirant in a black shirt, indicating his participation with you in the mourning for Hiram. The lights will be tuned off and the coffin and mantle will be retuned to the dark room. Adopt these norms with all precision and consider them as our fundamental law.

Jerusalem, March 15, 4048
President Adoniram
Note: The black shirt must have the following white drawings: the skull, the hammer, the compass, the square. Below these drawings the words, "Dead, Living" in red.                                                              President Adoniram

35. Alleluia.
36. Jonas; And thus all who ascend to the third degree, even the modern Masons, believe they represent Hiram Abiff.                                                                                                                                                                

37. Jonas: It Is the some discourse recorded In the wake of Hiram Abiud, its secret guarded among the nine founders. It varies only in that the words and expressions referring to Hiram Abiud are changed for others that denote Hiram Ablff. Then the president reads the text mentioned In the last chapter, referring to Hiram Ablff.


                                                   CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO

             Synthesis of what occurred from the year 55 after Christ until the year 105 after Christ

   Adonirom said: After giving the order previously mentioned we continued the battle, increasing the number of temples and associates, founding more associations with our own principles but with different names. Thus the Jewish nation grew and its glory glowed for many years. But, at the same time, the people who followed the Impostor increased more. They were, in the majority, pagans. Thanks to our continuous work very few of our people followed him. Our influence increased parallel to the growth of the affiliate Temples, especially those of Rome and Achaea, which were outstanding in the diffusion of our principles, thus meriting eternal glory.

   Jonas said: (We go from here with the writing to a long time later during which Adoniram died. We omit translating the text referring to it because of its similarity in description to the battle of the mysterious ones.)

   Words of Antipa, heir of one of the Nine Founders: "The temples of Rome and of Achaea recorded indelible honor for our Association. We owe them on immense favor. For they have won innumerable pagans, no less than those the impostors won with their magic force. Those two temples surpassed this temple of ours(38) when they killed Peter and his brother, Andrew, deserving to perpetuate their memory in the pages of time. The dangerousness of those two preachers was noteworthy in their marvelous sermons, in their power of attraction and in their indescribable eloquence, in such a way that if it were not for the battle of those two temples thousands of our nation would have been converted to the Impostor's religion. The two great temples must be glorified by every mysterious one, just as Hiram himself. May God protect them! They crucified Peter and Andrew just as the Impostor was crucified. They frightened the people and paralyzed the movement of Jesus' (followers) for a long time. We must follow the effective plan of those two temples to attain our goal, that is, the life of the Jewish religion; and woe to us if we fall back, for our works will be lost without our achieving our purpose.

   "For that reason I suggest the distribution of a general publication among all the temples, applauding the work of the temples of Rome and of Achaea, ordering all the mysterious ones to take them as an example. And in order to immortalize their memory we will make the day, November 30 of each year, the day of those two temples, celebrating it with all joy for its having been the day on which Andrew the Impostor was crucified."

   Antipa's proposal was approved. The publication was written and distributed. The day decreed for the Temple of Achaea was recorded for their having killed Andrew, this death being the fruit of the battle of that temple.(39)

   Jonas: (At this point there are some details that we omit from the translation, referring to the massacres the mysterious ones committed against many of their brothers who abandoned them and followed Jesus' men, for fear the,' might reveal the Association's secrets.)

38. The temple of Jerusalem.
39. Samuel, son of Jonas: Our ancestor could also have recorded June 29 as another feast of Masonry because it was the day of the crucifixion of Peter, through the plot of the temple of Rome. We do not know why they did not do so.

                                          CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE

The Designation of the Degrees

   In the year 4107 (40) Solomon Abiud, who died a short time later, assumed the Presidency of the Central Temple, being succeeded by Solomon Misraim Aberon. The latter was extraordinary in his zeal for the association. He himself visited many temples, founding several. So great was the success of his efforts that in his epoh, the numbers of the partisans of the Impostor decreased. He conceived several ideas that offered great benefits to the Association. He solved a great conflict incited among the members of the principal temple. He created names for some decrees, after the degree of Hiram, of utmost importance. These are:
                            Degree 7       The Guide
Degree 9        The Elder
                            Degree 12      The Triumphant One
                           Degree 15     The Scientist
                           Degree 18     The Talented One
                           Degree 21     The Preacher
                           Degree 24      The
Little Master
                           Degree 27     The Little Philosopher
                           Degree 30     The Kadosch
                           Degree 31     The Cross
                           Degree 32     The Great Architect
                           Degree 33      The Living Dead (41)

   Then Misraim gave this order.
   "To all the dear brother members of the affiliate temples: Degree 33 being the symbol of the end of the, life of the impostor Jesus, we have decreed that the aspirant
to the Degree mentioned must wear a shirt of a purple color with a cross of white fabric sewn over the breast, over the cross must be drawn the four letters INRI.(42) These letters will then be a sacred word of recognition for the degree mentioned, like the word BOOZ. And, as the secret word must be changed every six months, we authorize the presidents of the temples to select the word they desire. Continue the battle to serve religion and the prestige of the Association. May union and occultism be our emblem."
April 19, 4115
 President Misraim Aberon 

     Aaron Abiud, one of the heirs of this manuscript, said: "After the destruction of Jerusalem and our dispersal, we installed our new temple 'Jerusalem' in an unknown place where we remained for several years, our heirs as well, issuing orders without anyone's knowing of our location, not even the affiliate temples themselves. Thus must those 'Who succeed us proceed. They must not announce the place of their see except in case at an urgent necessity as, for example, on receiving energetic protests on behalf, of the presidents of the affiliate temples or in case of revolt against the central orders on the part of the mysterious ones."

40. The year 107 after Christ.
41. In new Masonry the majority of these names were changed for others.                                                                                                                                                                          42. In ancient Masonry there Is no explanation for these letters, but it is presumed that they symbolize irony against Jesus.

                                                         CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR

Synthesis of what occurred  from the year 115 until the year 500 after Jesus

Aaron Abiud said: "Our association grew and our mysterious force increased, without our achieving our longed-for -goal because the enemies' growth surpassed ours. We worked urged on by religious and national duty, but they worked by means of a factor unknown to us. We see them acting with affection, with sacrifice, self-denial and humility, whose origins were unknown to us. We could not discover this apparent force. They must be supported by a mysterious, magic force. For that reason we decided to continue our struggle, fulfilling our oath and continuing the march according to the plan of our ancestors, Hiram and his companions.

   "Our ancestor, Hiram Abiud, recommended that we kill all the Impostor's followers. He recommended that we recognize nothing but the Jewish religion. Several times he declared that however much the number of religions increases, we must attack them and annihilate them with the force of our union, our struggle and our constancy in personal abnegation."

43. Jonas: Here we omit the translation of some paragraphs that explain how non-Jews entered the Association, and how they punished Jesus' followers, and the foundation of other temples, until the year 500.

                                            CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE

What happened after the appearance of Mohammed, the founder of the Islamic, Religion

Levy Moses Levy said: At the end of the sixth century of the Impostor Jesus, who harassed us with his falsehoods, another impostor appeared who claimed (the gift of) prophecy, of inspiration and of orientation for the Arabs in the path of a true God, making laws contrary to our Jewish religion and succeeding in convincing many in a short time. We arose, attacking his claims, raising our voices to make his men and his followers understand that he and his followers are impostors and false as Jesus was an impostor and false. Nevertheless success was not with us. Day by day the number of the followers of Mohammed increased, as did the followers of Jesus. With the sword and terror they attracted the people and even many of our Jewish nation. Then they used tolerance and deceit, succeeding in accelerating their growth. We attacked them like the followers of Jesus and they increased even more, until we succeeded in impeding our people from converting to them. The Jews that were inclined toward them were simple ones, like animals. Nevertheless we could not impede the pagans' following them in spite of our battles.

   We ordered the Jews to attack the two religions, that of Jesus and that of Mohammed, as a consecration to our Jewish religion. I have said religions, while I must say associations. For that reason we ordered all the temples to abstain strictly from considering those two associations as religions. There is no religion other than the Jewish. All the others are corrupt and degenerate.

The disturbances caused by the impostor Jesus were not enough; so now this other impostor comes causing us more concern. Our resistance is of one kind. The former, we crucified; for the latter it was not necessary because we are killing him by poison.

   Now our religious, social and national duty obliges us to attack their teaching with all our forces, as we did with the teachings of the impostor Jesus, who was the cause of the establishment of our Association.


                           The Foundation of Temples in Europe, after the Temple of Rome

   Abdon Adoniram said: Our ancestors neglected to mention the name of the founder of the Temple of Rome, but now we will see in the next chapter that he was a descendant of Hiram Abiud. That temple achieved great triumphs that fortified the Association to such a degree that it incited the nine heirs to establish other temples in other kingdoms.
   The heir-descendant of Moab Levy was sent to Russia. The heir-descendant of Adoniram (my ancestor) was sent to Gaul. The successor of the Abiuds to Germany.

   This happened in the middle of the eighth century. In those Kingdoms they began to establish temples, some dependent on the Central Temple of Jerusalem and others dependent on the Temple of Rome, which was, in turn, an affiliate of the Central Temple.

   In the eighth century, after seven centuries of continual battle, when the Temple of Rome was in its glory, the following temples existed: in Russia, four; in Gaul, four; and in Germany, three. Then the number of temples in the capitals of the kingdoms mentioned increased; others were founded in other capitals and also in the interior. The temples in each kingdom depended on the principal temples in its capitol. Those of the capitols depended on the Central Temple, "Jerusalem." This situation continued until the 12th century.

   In said 12th century the great progress achieved by the temple of Rome and its great services inspired the commission of the Central Temple with the idea of abdicating in its favor, according to a decree recorded on June 5, 5166. (44) By this decree the temple of Rome had the right to preside over all the temples in the East. The temple of Rome with its new and powerful authorization insisted on occultism and reduced the meetings of the mysterious ones only to those temples hermetically hidden and subterranean. At that time the members of the underground Temples left with their faces painted black to make it appear as though they were working in the coal mines. These were same of the stratagems our ancestors carried out to hide the truth of their acts.

   This system was followed until the end of the 18th century, or until 80 years after the changing of the name of the Association to the name of Freemasonry.

   In spite of the fact that new Masonry established its lodges above ground and in spite of the modification of its laws, and not withstanding its callings to civilization, the strict occultism exercised by our ancestors provoked fear and alienation in the people. Even many members trusted it for a certain time, many even took the oath, but soon abandoned the Association. The threats of death were in vain.
44. The year 1166 after Christ.

                                     CHAPTER TWENTY -SEVEN

How we knew that the founder of the Temple of Rome, and its first president, were descendants of Hiram Abiud; and the transfer of one of his descendants to Russia

Cohen Abiud said: I received this manuscript from my father in Rome. I journeyed in the middle of the 15th century to Russia and came to an understanding with Jacob Levy in order to disseminate the principles of our Association, achieving excellent results.

   Jonas said: .Here is the explanation of a series of similar events, of struggles that we abstain from translating because of their little interest. The state of things did not vary until the end of the 17th century when the struggle disappeared and the Association entered its agony. The reasons for such a retrocession were internal conflicts and personal enmities among the members.



                                                CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT

How Joseph Levy, his son, Abraham, and Abraham Abiud were sent to London (45)  

It is made clear in the previous words that our Association progressed in some eras and degenerated in others. In the previous chapter we saw that at the end of the 17th century it was almost dead. Also, I came to the conclusion that the reason for this degeneration and retreat was the spirit of envy, pride and corruption that dominated us.

   I decided then to lift the Association from this fall. Its name, "The Mysterious Force," had come to provoke apprehension and fear among the people. For that reason
I thought, in the beginning, to change the name, but in what manner? With the power of money. I exerted myself with that power and I achieved success, together with my major collaborator, our brother, Abraham Abiud. We were both descendants of the nine founders.

   We communicated in person and by correspondence with our brother heirs of the same manuscript, the idea being approved. From then on, Abraham Abiud and I began the task of carrying out that longing, succeeding in winning the sympathy of a rich man from among the active members of the great mysterious ones, who supported our undertaking and provided us with a large sum of money.

   We went to Germany where we had no success. We went to Italy and France, always stumbling over obstacles that demolished our efforts in all those kingdoms. Not obtaining support to carry out our intentions we returned to Russia to inform the man of fortune who had supplied the money to us, of what had occurred. That man,(46) with admirable zeal and will to regain the glory of the Association, was working with enthusiasm to elevate the prestige of the Jews and to preserve and dignify our nationality and our religion. After encouraging us, he sent us to London, the capital of England.

  We were three: Abraham Abiud, my son Abraham and I. We judged it fitting to communicate with a man named John Desaguliers and a disciple or companion with the name, George, not knowing his last name. After studying his character and religion, we contracted a strong friendship with him, explaining the plan to him. Desaguliers found in the plan the opportunity to realize his own religious purposes. He supported Levy and promised him all the help he needed, reaching the point of saying: "We must demolish the Catholics, we must not regress until annihilating them." Levy felt confidence in his new friend, without, however, coming to know very well the true intention of Desaguliers.

   Jonas said: I do not believe it is necessary to repeat here what we have seen in the first section concerning the accord realized among the five: Levy, Desaguliers and their companions. Their meeting, the deceit of Desaguliers, his taking from Levy the English manuscript, how they agreed on naming the Association: Freemasonry, on August 25, 1716, the united meeting realized on June 24, 1717,. with the associations of architects and builders in London with its new name, the origin of the discussion and aggravation of the conflict between Levy and Desaguliers for his refusing to return the manuscript and the conclusion of the conflict
with the disappearance of Levy and the confiscation of all his papers.

45.Jonas: The one who is writing here is my ancestor, Joseph Levy.
46. Abraham Abiud said: That rich man did not permit his name to be mentioned in this History.  

                                    CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE

Details of Joseph Levy's assassination and what occurred later

   Jonas continues narrating: Our two ancestors, the two Abrahams(49) said: 'What was said by Abraham Levy: Of the fundamental conditions between my father and Desaguliers there were, that the presidency would be Levy's and that the first Lodge would be called, "The Lodge of Jerusalem,"(50) as a remembrance of the principal Temple. Desaguliers accepted these two conditions; nevertheless at the great meeting on June 24, 1717, the majority were on the side of Desaguliers and Anderson;(51) as a result both conspired against Levy, assassinating him and robbing his papers.

   We did not have proof against anyone, but we decided to wreak vengeance on Desaguliers and his disciple, George. We killed the latter. We did not succeed in killing Desaguliers because one of us, Abraham Abiud, become ill.

   Jonas said: Here there are details read in the first section for which there is no need to repeat them.
Here is the narration of the other successor, Abraham Abiud, the owner of this manuscript: After the death of Abraham Levy, which happened almost immediately after the death of his father (as we have seen in the family tree of ancestors, from Joseph  Levy to Lawrence) I did not renounce the task of avenging myself on Desaguliers. But I felt alone and weak to carry out the idea; and as I did not want to die without satisfying my longings for revenge, I sought another path. I sought the path of moral vengeance that had perhaps greater effects than a bloody revenge. Another of the descendants of one of the founders, whose
name was Adoniram David, a descendant of the first Adoniram, was living with us at that time. He lived in France and was the possessor of great wealth; he possessed the Hebrew manuscript from his ancestors. I visited him and related to him the details of the events. We decided to denounce both to Justice for the assassination of Joseph Levy and the theft of his documents and to protest personally before Desaguliers. We threatened him, advising him that Levy was our companion and one of us nine heirs of the nine founders. We pointed out to him that we were basing ourselves on the fact that the nine manuscripts, including mine and that of David Adoniram, belonged to a single history, and that Joseph Levy was a descendant of Moab Levy. We accused Desaguliers directly of the confiscation of Levy's manuscript with its translation into English. We warned him that we had decided to sacrifice everything in our power to preserve the secret of the Association in our hands in accord with the recommendations and desires of our ancestors. Desaguliers gave in when faced with Adonirom's material and moral power, and the threats caused great fear in his heart; as a result he obeyed Adonirom's requirements.

47.  Desaguliers belonged to the Protestant sect that held the greatest enmity against the Catholic Church; thus his Intentions of destroying Catholic Church are understood.
48. The narrator himself of this chapter.  
49. Abraham
and Abraham Ablud.

50. Jonas: On June 24, 1717 the name Temple was changed to Lodge. 
 51. It is understood that Anderson was an intimate friend of Desaguliers, who showed him the confiscated manuscript, from which they adopted the new laws of Freemasonry.


                                              CHAPTER THIRTY

                       Conditions and requirements Adoniram imposed on Desaguliers

   Adoniram speaks:

   1. The superior and general leadership of the Association remains in our hands; I will
be one of the principal chiefs.

  2. All the symbols, signs, touches, ,words and norms that our ancestors, the founders, imposed, will be respected, without their suffering change or conversion. However, additional ones will be permitted.

 3.The words inculcated by our ancestors, the founders, in the year 43, and their successors, will remain intact.

4. The principal treasury will be in our hands. I collaborate with two thousand English pounds sterling as a donation for the Association.                                                                                                                                

5. Neither internal nor external laws will be printed unless I see and approve them. In their fundamentals they must agree with those of the Masonry of our ancestors, with the exception of the laws. (52)

6. (This item was inserted by Desaguliers in homage to Adoniram for his donation.) The Association will preserve a memory of  Adoniram, consecrating his name among the sacred words, or a ritual may be formed in his name. Thus his name and that of his ancestor, Adoniram, the founder, we will immortalize. David Adoniram replied: Then I ask that a ritual be specified(53) with the name of Misraim, one of the ancient ancestors, who accomplished great achievements in favor of the Association.

7.A function in the Association will be given to Abraham Abiud, according to his capacity, because he is a descendant of one of the founders.

8. For the first, or superior, lodge, the name "Jerusalem" will be reserved as Joseph Levy asked, in memory of the first principal temple.(54)

9. All movement in the Association is suspended. All election will be held for a principal commission of five Chiefs of wealthy Jews, according to article one. (55)

10. The decrees of the Association will not be in force before they are signed by the commission mentioned or the majority of its members. This is so when the decrees are sanctioned here in London, but if the number of lodges increases and the Association spreads, the signatures of the commission will be necessary only for important matters. Special and local ones may be approved by special commissions, elected for that purpose.(56)

11. It being one of our moral obligations to revive the memory of those who benefited the Association by their works, among the founders, ancestors and successors, I ask that the name of Tobalcain, nephew of our ancestor founder, Hiram Abiud, be recorded together with the word Booz, as another of the Association's sacred words, as long as it exists.

   All these requests were fulfilled and recorded; the leadership of the Association thus remaining in our hands.(57)
   Abraham Abiud said: The mishap that the efforts of Desaguliers suffered caused great emotion in my heart and in that of Adoniram. We considered it as a great revenge for Joseph Levy and a great general consolation for all our Jewish people.

   Jonas said: We end, thanks be to God, the fulfilling of our mission of making known the secret of the History concerning the origin of Masonry, founded by our ancestors, and detailing its events in accord with the preceding chapters. Thus our vision and our hearts are cleared of the darkness that covered them. Everything has been made known and thus the light springs from the darkness.

To give more data to the reader about the evolution of Masonry after the year 1717 when our ancestor Levy changed the name of the "Mysterious Force" to "Masonry," we continue detailing the events of this History through the following chapters.

52. Jonas: The laws Imposed by Desaguliers and Anderson were, in fact, approved by Adoniram. After his death, they suffered certain a mendments and  additions.
  53. Samuel, son of Jonas: To this day several rituals created in the Association exist.                                                                                                                                                                            54. Samuel, son of Jonas: After the death of David Adoniram the name of the principal lodge was changed to the "Grand Lodge of England," by Desaguliers and Anderson as they had insi sted on June 24, 1717.                                                                                                                                                                             55. The manuscript does not mention the names of the members of the commission, except the name of DavidAdoniram.                                                                                                                                                                     56. Samuel, son of Jonas: These commissions grew in all countries, especially where there is a majority of Protestants belonging to the sects with the greatest hate for Catholicism, and where there is Jewi sh influence.


                                                                  CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE

Jonas' affiliation with New Masonry(58)

   Jonas said: I was destined to be one of the heirs of this precious History who revealed to the world terrible secrets that were hidden, even from those who deserved to know them: the Masons themselves.

   God inspired me to adopt the religion of Jesus on my marrying a Christian woman to whom I attribute great gratitude for the revelation of these secrets and for my conversion to Christianity. We have both seen that we will not obtain any benefit without comparing the Masonry of our ancient ancestors with the new Masonry. To achieve this, I found myself obliged to join it.

   I entered with all enthusiasm and with the decision to follow an active life and one of zeal. In the Association I was not only a mere member, but also an observer and studious investigator. Nevertheless, on ascending in its rituals, the norms, words, utensils, signs, steps, touches, movements, etc. did not surprise me, because in essence they continued being equal to those of the Masonry of Agrippa, and of the new affiliates.

   When I  presented my petition they required no prior requisite of me. The main thing, it seemed, was to pay the price of the inscription without exposing oneself to an investigation. They blindfolded my eyes and took me to a room illuminated by a weak light. Then they took the blindfold off me. The sponsor said to me: "Wait here and think of Eternity. Here you have the human skeleton, the skull, the verses, etc." (59) I then thought that the new brothers, it seems, have perfected themselves in
subterfuge until surpassing our ancestors.  

         My sponsor then returned and asked me: ,"Are you ready to face the afflictions of bearing the dangers?" I answered: "I was born for all this." He took from me what I had of money and some metallic items and left. Another member presented himself and took my
jacket off and rolled the trouser of my left leg up to the knee. He bared my right arm. He opened my collar and (exposed my) chest and tied a rope around my neck and withdrew.

   My sponsor presented himself again, he closed my eyes and led me a certain distance, making me stop. I understood by the conversation of the men of the commission around me, that I was in front of the door of the lodge. I heard some phrases referring to my leaving darkness for light, and that now I was oriented on the path of reason.

   I observed that many scandalous rituals were added after the death of Adoniram.

   Then they drew me to the door and I felt a sword over my neck.(60)  Someone said to me: "What do you feel over your neck?" I answered: "It seems to be a sword." The President said: "Understand, you who join us, that this sword threatens you
If you are not disposed to preserve the secrets. If you betray us we will kill you with this sword."(61)

   After these and other ridiculous movements that it is not worth mentioning, they took me on three consecutive trips during which
I heard murmurs of anguish, cries of fear and blows with the sword. They asked me several childish questions. Then they made me drink vinegar. The vinegar is not in the texts of our History. But, as the reason for the foundation of the Association was the appearance of Jesus, the symbols utilized were to ridicule him; thus, the use of vinegar is the invention of the new  Masonry, but it completes the chain of ironies against Jesus.

   After the three trips, always blindfolded, they led me, by the rope, to a door where they ordered me to knock three times and ask to be one of the "Sons of the Widow" and to be with them to sustain her.

   Then after having asked me some tiresome questions, they "cleaned me," in their manner, of impurity, washing my hand. Again they "purified" me with an inflammable substance. They passed a scissors over my arm as if to make me bleed and an iron bar as if to burn me.
With this they symbolize my distinction with the Masonic seal. (62)

   Jonas said: It is known that the three trips symbolize the three journeys our ancestor founders realized searching for their president, Hiram Abiud. No one knew this truth other than the nine founders and also Desaguliers and Anderson, who confiscated Levy's manuscript but were obliged to hide it.

   All the
Masons after these continue believing that the three trips have as their significance the three journeys of Hiram Abiff, and what he had to face in the three doors of the temple of Solomon.

   When I finished the three trips the President ordered me to approach the "temple." (63) They took me closer. The President  taught me to make the first sign, in which they realized a change. Instead of putting the hand over the head and then lowering it, open, to the throat, etc., it is begun now, by placing the hand over the throat, etc., etc.
   They moved my feet, forming on angle.(64)
   They made me walk
forward three steps.(65)
   They made me kneel with my knees in the form of on angle. (66)

'Then they made me take the oath that, after having ascended to the high degrees and having met with grand Masons,
I found out that no one gives it importance. Its text and the rituals varied in the majority of lodges, and no mention of God is made in it. I have confirmed that many of the non-Masons know the majority of these signs and symbols through the declarations of the grand Masons who abandoned the Association, denouncing its scandals and declaring their rancor against the monopolizers of those secrets, whom they mock as "brothers," the other Masons.(67) They mock all the Masons without fear or shame, from the greatest elder down to the illiterate.  

oath ended, the President read some warnings to me. They opened my eyes and untied the rope around my neck. Immediately they ignited inflammable materials that blinded me. Then I saw that all the brothers took out their swords and extended them over my head and placed their bayonets against my chest. I thought: What benefit springs from these insignificant things that they added to this 'history?' I kept silent until the end. They taught me the "touch for greeting." It was the same one that my ancestors in ancient Masonry used:. However, its significance was changed, from that of a mere salute to a sign that signifies, "Tell me the secret word," one beginning with the first letter and the other answering with the following until completing the word. Then they made me understand that my age was three years and they taught me new movements and special praises (that did not exist in our history). They tied the apron around my neck (that of our ancestors), acknowledging then that I am an apprentice worker next to the Masons.

57. Jonas: The primary leadership continues being in the hands of Jews and the secondary in the hands of fanatical anti-Catholic Protestants.
58. Samuel, son of Jonas: My father did not make clear with which name he entered Masonry, with Jonas or with James, which he adopted after converting to Christianity.

59. These are new additions. To blindfold the eyes corresponded to the degree of Hiram.

60. Here I thought: How soon my hour has come!
Jonas: The ritual of the sword in the Masonry of our ancestors corresponded only to the degree of Hiram.                                                                                                                                                                     62. Jonas; It is understood that some of these rituals were in the Masonry of my ancestors and others were added. However, since 1810, many of these movements were annulled and others were added.

63. The word "temple" in the new order is given to the place where the president sits. 
64. This did not exist In the Masonry of my ancestors.

65. The same ancient three steps.
66. Also added.
67. The translator to Spanish: Several Investigators, among them the great historian, Rev. Fr. Luis Chejo, S.J., wrote In detail concerning the secrets of Masonry: its signs, terms,
touches, vestments, steps, greetings, purposes, movements, etc., knowing them through the works and declarations of the Masons themselves. But the origin, the date
and the founders were not known until the publication of this manuscript translated from French to Arabic.


                                            CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO

                               The ascent of Jonas to the Second Degree: Fellow Craftsman

In this degree
innumerable movements and added things exist. Instead of the. three blows there are six, also the trips, the drawings, the symbols and other things that would bore the reader of this history if they were to be published. For this reason I will indicate the ritual s of this degree in synthesis.
When I ascended in the profession of the Masons and passed from "apprentice" to "fellow craftsman," I congratulated myself, but my brothers congratulated me more, especially the treasurer, who increased the payment and (surely he congratulated the treasury
in his heart) for the joy, the congratulation and all the pleasures converge on money, on gold!
They showed me, as a resume of the spectacles, a star they call the "Luminous Star." I remembered then the "Eastern Star" in the Masonry  of our ancestors  that symbolized the star of the Magi. That is why in the new Masonry the name of the "Grand Orient" was given to each Masonic club in each country, and also the Presidents council in the lodge is noted "Directorate of the East."  All this was preserved in new Masonry in homage to the founders, by David Adoniram, Desaguliers and Anderson, in accord with was written in earlier chapters.

While I was talking with the Brother Guide, I tried to test him with the following question: "Can you tell me about the founders and the authors of these instructions, signs, symbol s, instruments, etc.?"
He responded: "How come you are asking me who founded Masonry? It is unknown to this day." I smiled. He said to me: "What makes you smile?"

64. This did not exist In the Masonry of my ancestors. 

65. The same ancient three steps.
66. AI so added.
67. The translator to Spanish: Several Investigators, among them the great historian, Rev. Fr. Luis Chelo, S.J., wrote In detail concerning the secrets of Masonry: its signs, terms,
touches, vestments, steps, greetings, purposes, movements, etc., knowing them through the works and declarations of the Masons themselves. But the origin, the date and the founders were not known until the publication of this manuscript translated from French to Arabic.


I answered him: "How can one be in a society without knowing its president and founder?" Then he said to me: "Come with me to ask the President of the Lodge." I went with him and we asked the President. He responded: "This is a question a fellow craftsman like you must not ask." To this I replied, with pretense: "This fellow craftsman must know one day what is unknown and will make it known to the others, is that not so?" To which he said to me: "Try, then, to ascend."