Dissipation of the Darkness
Origin of Freemasonry First Section

".....For there is not any secret
that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden
that shall not be known...."

Introduction to the Work

One part of this introduction pertains to me, Lawrence, son of George, son of Samuel, son of Jonas, son of Samuel Lawrence, of Russian origin and, at present, a resident in Rio de Janeiro, capitol of Brazil, in the year 1895.

The other part pertains to some of my ancestors, who inherited and bequeathed this History.

How many learned men and historians who carried out lengthy investigations to come to know the. history of the foundation of the Masonic association and its true origin arrived at no conclusion. Their efforts were in vain.

Some believe that the origin of the Masonic association goes back to Adam, others believe that it goes back to Moses, others to David, others to Solomon, others to Christ, etc., etc.

Innumerable are those who spent their time in the search without coming to realize their longings. The number of investigators who, together with their relatives, friends and helpers, met their downfall in this work is incredible. To the aforementioned are added all the heads of the religions of all the world, especially in Europe, Turkey, Egypt and America. Whom else should I add? I would add the Masonic family itself, including the Presidents of the Grand Orients, the Presidents of the Lodges, and the affiliates who hold high degrees; except the Nine Men who have, respectively, inherited from their corresponding ancestors, the secret of the foundation of the Mysterious Force.

I would also add kings, nobles and governors, wise men, discoverers and investigators. Historians, authors; writers and poets. Orators, legislators and journalists. Lawyers, judges, doctors and pharmacists. Merchants, industrialists and sportsmen. Even the illiterate to whom this investigation would not belong. All these mentioned, integrated in the different classes of the community, Masons and non-Masons, form a true army that pursues the secret.

I divide these investigators into three groups:

First: The historians who spend their days and nights in study and reading trying in vain to come to know the secret of the true history of the foundation of Masonry.

Second: The learned authors who try to establish something about the secret. All in vain; yet they continue with their studies without having reached their goal.

Third: The associates and their collaborators who have not gotten anywhere in spite of their efforts. It is deplorable. All the investigations come to nothing, they have not achieved any result! The number of those investigators, from the foundation of the association up to our days (the end of the 19th century) can be estimated in the hundreds of thousands. I received these truths from my father, who in turn received them from his father, and he from his father, retrospectively to the origin of the lineage: the Nine Founders in the year 43 after Christ.

Thus it is that I, Lawrence, son of George, son of Samuel, son of Jonas, son of Samuel Lawrence, of Russian origin, the last descendant of the descendants of one of the owners of this History, say:

I inherited from my father a manuscript composed by our ancestors in the Hebrew language and translated by one of them to the Russian language. Another of them translated it to English.

Our ancestor, Jonas, introduced in the manuscript a series of events; this History, thus, being produced by him and his ancestors. Jonas arranged it and divided it into two sections. He wanted to publish it, but various obstacles impeded it: health, economic means and political events. He and his wife, Janet, conceived the idea of the publication of this History; on finding themselves incapable of doing so, they commended its publication to their son, my grandfather, Samuel. Jonas died without seeing his longing fulfilled.

My grandfather, Samuel, the son of Jonas, who was the son of Samuel Lawrence, here addresses his words to his son, George, my father. Samuel said to his son, George:

Son: Here you see these introductions headed by a list of names. These names correspond to the successive heirs of this History since the renewal of the association (The Mysterious Force) when it changed its name to "Freemasonry." They include: Joseph Levy.

Joseph Levy is one of the renewers of the association. He is a Jew and an heir of the History from his ancient ancestors who, in turn, inherited it from Moab Levy, one of the nine founders. 

It was our ancestor, Joseph, who conceived the idea of changing the name of the association (The Mysterious Force) to Freemasonry and of reforming the statutes.

Here you have the details: He was sent to London with his son, Abraham, and a friend named Abraham Abiud, all Jews, descendants of the heirs of the History and very well financed.(1) They had made efforts to enter another city and, not having success, they headed for London. There they met two influential and knowledgeable persons who served as suitable elements to accomplish their  purposes. They are:

John Desaguliers and a companion called George.(2)

After having strengthened the friendship among themselves, Joseph Levy revealed the name of the association, "The Mysterious Force," and related to his two friends, in synthesis and with discretion, some parts of the History, concealing its fundamental secrets. He also made it known to them that for a long time it was inactive, almost dead, needing for its renewal the change of name and the reform of the statutes in such a way that the new statutes and the changed name might attract many members. Thus it would grow.

1. The manuscript does not mention who sent and financed them, nor the place of their departure, but it is understood that their country was Russia. Nor does it mention why they chose London; It is thought that they selected it because it was one of the largest capitol cities. In London they met Desaguliers, an ambitious man and one with definite and special goals, as will be seen.

2. In the Hebrew manuscript and its French version, Abraham Abiud said: I believe that George is his first name. Desaguliers always called him George. Our arrangements were with Desaguliers, but he was always present at the meetings and participated In the discussions.


With eloquence and cleverness, Joseph Levy succeeded in convincing his two friends, Desaguliers and George, of the necessity of reviving the association. Having achieved this initial success, they separated on condition that they would meet again, each one of them bringing three names appropriate for the new association, from which the specific name would come. The next meeting was held ten days later. Each one presented his names, the one approved being one of those proposed by Joseph Levy: FREEMASONRY. It was August 25, 1716.

Abraham, son of Joseph Levy, who had witnessed the two sessions, said: This name had preference over the others for two reasons. First, because it is the same name that some Italian architects adopted in the 13th century (Freemasons). And second, because it was a suitable expression of the ancient signs and symbols used in the association, The Mysterious Force; symbols that pertained to construction and to architecture, proposed by Hiram Abiud, one of the founders, for the purpose of concealing the origin of the Association, attributing it to epochs prior to Jesus. In the Second Section surprising details concerning this matter will be seen. Desaguliers approved the words of my father, adding:

"In the third place, present-day architects and builders have associations, syndicates and lodges where they gather to fortify and dignify their profession. With this name, then, we can gather all in a single association without anyone's knowing our purposes. And fourth, these two terms, 'Masonry,' (Construction) and 'Mason,' that are encountered since antiquity, will be a thick veil over the secret of the origin of the foundation; and, besides, without doubt, they will increase the prestige of the Association.

Our ancestor, Abraham Levy, before his death, added: (3) "Desaguliers specified that those people who joined the lodges before 1717 in London were masons,(4) in the sense that they were engineers, architects, builders, apprentices, but they had no connection with the Association, The Mysterious Force, that began true Masonry." For that purpose five men met:  Levy, Desaguliers, and the companions mentioned above and they approved the addition of the term, "Free," thus unequivocally concealing the date of its foundation from the rest of the people in general and the members and associates in particular.

John Desaguliers and his companion began to demand that Levy show him the History. Levy had made it known to them that it was translated into English, that three of the inherited manuscripts had been lost recently, four had been lost long ago, and there remained only his manuscript and one other.(5) Such declarations excited Desaguliers and George extremely, the reason why they insisted on the need for a suitable copy so that with said copy it would be much easier for them to form the new statute. They showed themselves so faithful to the principles, desires and doctrines of Levy that they succeeded in convincing him to deliver a copy to them. It was delivered to them. A time passed during which they read it.

The five met again and decided to summon some friends on the pretext of establishing a "Unitive Association." The true purpose was the renewal of the Association, the Mysterious Force, its resurrection with the new name agreed upon by the five and the restoration of the first Principal Lodge (Jerusalem). Thus Levy wanted it.(6)

On March 10, 1717 they invited several architects and acquaintances. The invited were presided over by a wise man named Dr. James Anderson, who was a friend of Desaguliers. After lengthy discussions they reached an accord and designated June 24, 1717, to realize a great meeting.(7)

3. Each one of the heirs, owners of the manuscript, added what happened in his epoch.

4. Mason: an English word that means stoneworkers.

5. It Is the manuscript of Abraham Abiud. It is the one whose translation we have on hand.

6. Abraham Levy said: "My father was determined to found several lodges with this name, and to spread the mission of the Association throughout the world. Desaguliers demanded to accompany him but my father refused, making it known that his only companions would be his son and his relative."

7. It is the anniversary of Masonry. Ridiculously the monopolizers of the secret declare that they celebrate the feast of St. John.


Meanwhile Levy was preparing his son, Abraham, for the great events of the future. Days later Abraham Levy journeyed to Portugal accompanied by Abraham Abiud, his relative(8). The latter is the descendant of Hiram Abiud, one of the founders, and owner of this copy.

Between March 10 and June 24 a great conflict was begun between Levy and Desaguliers and George because of their refusal to return the copy. (This conflict ended with the assassination of Levy and the disappearance of the aforementioned English copy, the Hebrew copy and all Levy's papers. The details of this event are recorded in the Second Section of this History, where the principal motives for the assassination of our ancestor, Joseph Levy, are made known.)

Abraham& Joseph Levy said!: "The meeting was realized on June 24, 1717, and the first Lodge was founded after a violent discussion (as some of those who were present at the meeting related to me on my return from Portugal) during which my father insisted energetically that it be called the Lodge of Jerusalem, in accord with the agreement established between him and Desaguliers and George. Some applauded it, but the majority decreed that it be called the grand Lodge of England. Nevertheless, for a short period of time it was called the Lodge of Jerusalem,(9) but at the insistence of the majority it was definitively changed to the Grand Lodge of England.  There was another conflict over the dispute for the Presidency between Levy and Desaguliers; Two months after that meeting, Abraham Levy and Abraham Abiud returned from Portugal. His surprise was indescribable and his weeping unrestrained on his being informed of the disappearance of Joseph Levy in such an absurd and hidden manner. (We will see the details later.)

Here it is necessary to mention the names of the successive heirs of this History, from our ancestor, Joseph Levy, the re-newer of the Association, down to me, Lawrence.

Joseph Levy was the son of Nathan, who was the son of Abraham, Abraham the son of Jacob, Jacob the son of Nathan, Nathan the son of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac, who was the son of Moab: Moab the son of Rafael, etc., etc:. back to Moab Levy, the first ancestor and one of the Nine Founders of the Association, the Mysterious Force.

1. Joseph Levy Jew 1665-1717
2.Abraham, son of Joseph Levy Jew 1685-1718
3. Nathan, son of Abraham Levy Jew 1717-1810
4. Esther, daughter of Nathan Levy Jew 1753-1793
5. Samuel Lawrence, her husband Jew 1742-1795
6. Jonas (son of Samuel and Esther) converted to Christianity with the name of James 1775-1825
7. Janet, daughter of John Lincoln Christian /Protestant 1785-1854
8. Samuel, son of Jonas and Janet (stepmother) Christian /Protestant 1807-1883
9. George, son of Samuel Lawrence    Christian /Protestant 1840-1884
10. I, the last of the descendants of one of the founders, and the owner of this History, add my name, Lawrence, son of George Lawrence, Christian Protestant. After noting the date of the death of my grandfather, Samuel, 1883, that of the death of my father, George, 1884, I note that of my birth, 1868.

We will now mention the names of some of the founders:

First: King Agrippa, the Founder and first President. (There are more details in the Second Section.),

Second: Hiram Abiud, the one who conceived the idea of founding the Association. Practically speaking, he is the Founder. He was orphaned of his father and that is why, in homage to him, King Agrippa called all the "mysterious ones" (10)by the name, "sons of the widow." This pseudonym is used by them up to the present.

This Hiram is not Hiram Abiff, the ancient Syrian architect who built the Temple of Solomon, as some of the "mysterious ones" and later their successors, the Masons, believed. (More details in the second section.)

8. The copy does not mention the degree of relationship between the two.
9. The manuscript does not specify how long this short lapse was.
10. Members of the Association, "The Mysterious Force."
11. Note of the Translator to Arabic: And as I believed before discovering this History.


Third: Moab Levy, our first ancestor.

The names of the other Founders are recorded in the Second Section, with the exception of one whose name is illegible, almost erased in the Hebrew manuscript.

My grandfather, Samuel, again addresses his words to his son, George, my father:

"My son, you have observed that I am interested in the publication of this History. You have witnessed my agreement with the owner of the print shop that will be in charge of editing it in the Hebrew language.

"That man is exposed constantly to death.
"Your grandfather could not fulfill his desires to publish this book because death took him by surprise. But he had already recommended that I publish it. Now, I say to you: If I am not able to have this satisfaction, or if I begin the publication and do not finish it, I charge you to give this History the great importance it merits. The History that I will deliver to you before dying. Thus I will comply with the obligation for its succession.

''But; son, I must demand one condition of you in order to be able to deliver the secret to you. You must collaborate with me with all serenity and absolute discretion.

"Now, listen: in the first place you must dominate the English and French languages, and later translate this History literally to those languages. It will then be written in four languages: Hebrew and Russian by our ancestors, English and French by you. The copy in English that existed disappeared with Levy, as you saw. Put all your attention into its publication in the languages mentioned. If it is not possible for you to do so, you will be able to ask the collaboration of whoever may have financial  resources. By whatever means, you must utilize all the means within your reach to be able to achieve the publication of this book in all the world, in accord with the desire of your grandfather, Jonas, and the will of your grandmother, Janet.

"Son, you must know that I inherited this History from my father and he from his parents and grandparents in a manner contrary to the hereditary law legislated by the nine Ancestor Founders of the Association, as will be seen below.

"The Copy was inherited with indescribable reserve and caution, in absolute secrecy. The father bequeathed it only to one of his male children, the one who distinguished himself among his brothers for his wisdom, seriousness and judgment. And if the father had no male child, the most serious and responsible of the direct and close family members inherited it, without going beyond the second degree of consanguinity. That is: the heir must be male, a son, nephew or cousin (on the father's side), and no farther, so this secret might be hidden among just nine men, descendants of the nine Founders.

"My father inherited the manuscript from his mother, and not from his father in accord with the abovementioned law. Then, in this respect, our inheritance is contrary to the tradition that obliges the successor not to bequeath it except to male children. Joseph Levy is my ancestor  on my mother's side as we have already seen."

Here you have the enumeration of the successive heirs of this History from the renewal of the Association, 1716-1717, down to us.

The ancestor renewer, Joseph Levy, lacking the talents of an historian, copied synthetically, with the collaboration of Abraham Abiud the two manuscripts inherited by him and that of his own respective ancestors from the year 43 after the "Impostor Jesus,"(12) the year of the foundation of the Association. The two manuscripts were, logically, exactly the same.

After the return of Abraham Levy and Abraham Abiud from Portugal, the former, accompanied by Abiud, addressed himself to Desaguliers and George, asking about his father. These two made it known to him that they had not seen him for a certain period of time and they believed he had gone to Portugal.

Abraham Levy, after that interview, dedicated himself to investigating the conspiracy. From the earlier relationship between his father and Desaguliers and George, Abraham Levy inferred that they were the assassins. He decided then to take revenge by his own methods.

12. We leave the term "Impostor" as it is, making it clear that we do not use the term; it is rather that of the ancestor founders


He began to cultivate the friendship of Desaguliers and George, making it known to them that he wanted to enter the Association to fill the post of his father, who, with their knowledge, had been preparing him for it. The friendship, on each occasion, increased: the strategy was successful.

When an opportunity arose, Abraham Levy and Abraham Abiud invited George to take an outing through the suburbs of the city. There they killed their enemy, the event remaining an hermetic secret. This crime was kept concealed, like the crime whose victim was Joseph Levy.

They decided later to assassinate Desaguliers, the principal actor in the murder of Joseph Levy, and for that reason, he began a zealous vigil, awaiting the moment to realize his goal. A short time later, Abraham Levy died, a victim of tuberculosis, two years after his marriage to Esther.

From his son, Nathan, who was quite small at Abraham's death, we have inherited the History in the following manner:

Abraham Levy's widow, Nathan's mother, married Abraham Abiud, the companion, associate and relative of her dead husband. Abraham Abiud cherished Nathan as if he were his own son, especially because he had none.

Abraham Abiud and Nathan, his wife's son, were then the only heirs and possessors of the only known Hebrew manuscript, the one from Abiud's descent, because the other, from Levy's descent, disappeared with Joseph Levy.

Nathan grew up and married. He had only one daughter to whom he gave the name Esther, his mother's name.(14)

Nathan arranged for the marriage of his daughter, Esther, to Samuel Lawrence, who was not of his (Levy's) descent. Not having male children, nor close family members, Nathan delivered the History to his grandson, Jonas, the son of Esther and Samuel Lawrence, as legal heir. This is the illegality in the inheritance, because Jonas is not a descendant on his father's side, as the law requires. This Jonas is my father and the one from whom, naturally, we have received this History.

13. That is the copy we have on hand.
14. See the list on page 23.

Our inheritance is legal, indeed, and we received from him another inheritance: the Christian Religion, because he married a Christian Protestant named Janet, the daughter of John Lincoln, and converted to Christianity. Jonas was the one who translated this History to Portuguese, (15) dividing it into two Chapters and adding confirmed truths and the revelations of investigations. From him I inherited the History just as you see it. He and Janet, his wife, conceived the idea of publishing it. As events impeded his publishing it, he urged me not to spare any effort to do it. He told me once: "If the events that impede my publishing the History persist, you, Samuel, must do whatever is possible to print it and publish it."

I, too, oh such bad luck! have had misfortunes because of my illnesses, as you see. If I am not cured, I ask you as your grandfather asked me. On you, George, on you alone depends the fulfillment of the testimony.

From the text of this History, you now know that your grand father, Jonas, was not of the descent of the founders of the Association. We deduce, then, that the violation of Jonas of the right of inheritance of this book and his adoption of the Christian Religion were the reasons for his assassination and disappearance before fulfilling his desires. Our efforts to find out how he died were in vain. It is a secret.

Our original sect, the Jewish sect, on the whole, would know nothing of this secret, nor of the secret of the foundation of the Association, nor of its founders, except the nine men mentioned who descended from the first nine men who bequeathed the respective copies with the secrets since the year 43 after Jesus.

We must be grateful for his having made us heir to this precious History, through which we have learned that the Masonic Association was founded with the name of the Mysterious Force in the year 43 after Jesus and that its founders are of our original sect,(16) men of extraordinary cunning, as you will see and will admire.

15. A lost version.
16. Jewish.


They gave it that name because, as they believed, the force was born with it and would remain concealed in it, growing little by little, until the time of its revelation.

At that time it had two goals: the first, to impede the apostolate of Jesus' men and to combat their preaching. The second, to preserve political influence.

But that Force did not grow so much due to its terrible name. It prospered for a while within its magical occultism, and disappeared in another age as a result of a criminal act committed by it, mysteriously, against one of its members, with no one ever knowing anything of the unhappy one who disappeared, nor how it was concealed; the family members did not know the least detail and were ignorant of whether or not he were a member of the Association. Who knew that? Only the members. And of these, who would dare to reveal the secret? No one, because whoever did so paid with his life.

That was their law, the strict law of savagery and occultism.(17) For the least contradiction or for the slightest doubt, a member was condemned to death. A tribunal of three judges determined the sentence of the accused, and in the greater number of cases by a simple rumor concerning his conduct. The accused knew the accusation and the sentence at the moment of his assassination.

That savagery in all its method and significance, instilled in that strict law, has as its principal purpose the combating of Jesus' men and the opposition of their preaching. Another very important goal existed: to fortify the Jewish element and to return the world to Judaism (18) according to the very words of some ancient heirs. One of them pertains to the heir-successor, Haron Levy, at the end of the third century after the "impostor" Jesus. Another text is recorded at the beginning of the seventh century, after the "impostor" Mohammed, founder of the Mohammed religion, who "claimed" to prophesy as did the "impostor" Jesus. This text, that pertains to Levy Moses Levy and that is recorded in this book, manifests the "great disorder that the appearance of Mohammed caused among the mysterious ones themselves and the irrepressible hate toward his men and followers."

It says also: "While the successors of King Agrippa insisted on the battle to crush the religious doctrine of Jesus in order to convert the world to Judaism, the cunning Mohammed appeared and fell over the Jews, especially over the nine monopolizes of the secret, like a bolt of lightning."

We see then that the declaration of our ancestor, Joseph Levy, in the first quarter of the 18th century, several years before the changing of the name of the Association, coincides exactly with the declarations of his ancestors mentioned in this book, passing from century to century to Jonas, my father, who was converted to Christianity.
   We see then, in all the texts of this History, that the fundamental principles of the Association are opposed to Jesus and His men, and later opposed to Mohammed and his men, its purpose being: to protect and to preserve only the Jewish religion.(19)

Lawrence said: "All those texts coincide in that the principle purpose of the Mother (the Ancient) Masonry is to annihilate Christianity, to destroy its foundations and to elevate the prestige of the Jewish religion. Today, in spite of its evolution, it preserves the same purpose."

Here Samuel again writes: Our ancestor, Joseph Levy, on seeing that those barbarous systems were impeding the attainment of the indicated objectives, and for the benefit of the progress of the Association, proposed the idea of changing its name to a very wealthy contemporary Jew, who embraced the idea and promised his monetary aid. The two of them agreed to erase from the Copy the text of that intention so no one would know it except them and the nine heir-successors.

Levy, together with his son, Abraham, and his relative, Abraham Abiud  (all descendants of the nine founders) journeyed to London, where they made an agreement with Desaguliers and George, and thus, after a long process, the renewal of the Association was completed, with its new name, FREEMASONRY, on June 24, 1717. "Freemasonry," a word composed of a noun and an adjective (Free -- Masonry), proposed by our ancestor, Levy, and approved by the collaborators on August 25, 1716.

From June 24, 1717, the Association suffered important evolutions and changed its barbarous aspect; but, in what pertained to Occultism, it become much more strict.

17. Comment by Jonas: That law of such terrible occultism of the "Mysterious Force" still exists in Masonry. In it, the son enters as a robber, without the knowledge of his parents. He eats, drinks, sleeps with them, under the some roof, while he is their political and religious enemy. He tries to impose his corrupt principles in the home; if he does not succeed in it he reacts by causing suffering and finally the collapse of his own home.

18. Words of' Dr. de Moraes: Based on my great experiences I am convinced that it was Masonry that diffused the spirit of extremist liberty, the fountain of corruption. Extremist liberty was what crushed educational order, corrupted the human community and ignited the fire of political passion in every territory. From it were born the sources of prostitution and immorality. Masonry, wanting to appropriate to itself the first fruits of the words, Liberty, Fraternity, Equality, exaggerated In their explanations. Words originated by Christ Himself, who founded with them the three pillars of Humility and Love, to liberate the slave from his slavery, because men are all brothers in humanity, being sons of a single Father and they are equal in rights and in justice. Christ wanted to preserve the prestige of these three words and not leave them to the disposition of those with evil intentions and the extremists who explain them for their own purposes.

After reading this History and knowing all the hate unleashed against the two religions: the Christian and the Moslem, the fact that it was solely Jewish was confirmed to me, because to the present It has not been heard that Masonry combats the Jewish religion.

In the two worlds: the Christian and the Moslem we see that the Ma sons affiliate themselves at the beginning with all occultism. We see them, after receiving the fundamental secrets, denying their Masonic affiliation and less faithful to their religious creeds. Is there any doubt, then, that Masonry is the mortal enemy of these two religions'?

The Masons, observing the general mistrust toward their Association, create a fal se front, establishing common Associations with other names but with the same ends to which they have join those people fearful of their name, for the purpose of snaring men and their money, thus fortifying Masonry.

The members of these common Associations then go on to be members of Masonry. The origin of all these deceits is Jewish, to revive Jewish principles.

19. With respect to this Janet said in 1818: "I believe that Laicism has It. origin in the Association, the "Mysterious Force," and is nothing but a branch of it."

Her husband, Jonas, said, confirming it: "The Association of Freemasonry is the same Association as the 'Mysterious Force' or ancient Masonry, Laicism being derived from it; Masonry and Laicism, then, descend from the Association, the 'Mysterious Force.'"

In this way the Association progressed in a form continued until it came to change the face of the world.

With respect to the conversion of your grandfather, Jonas, to Christianity, I will tell you that his fiancée, the Protestant girl, Janet, whom he "dearly loved, refused to contract matrimony with him before his conversion to Christianity. You will see in the corresponding Chapter more details with respect to this.

After concluding the translation of the History to Portuguese,(20) and while making efforts to reveal it to public opinion, he journeyed suddenly, for an urgent reason, to Russia. He left, at that time, the History, in the care of my mother and me. His journey did not last more than one year, and on returning, he involved himself in political affairs that took from him the time and the will to continue the printing of the History. A little while later, he had to make another voyage, from which he did not return. He died there, in the year 1825. No one knew anything of his death. We received the History in two versions, one Hebrew and one Russian.

My mother always insisted on my publishing the History and one day she said to me; "Samuel! Samuel! In spite of the fact that your father died a victim of his Conversion to Christianity, and perhaps a victim of this History, I make known to you my unqualified desire of continuing your father's task in order to publish this extraordinary work. You must determine to realize your dead father's and my will. "You know that there are nine original copies, in accord with the number of Founders who bequeathed them to their successors down to our time. Three of the original copies were robbed and have disappeared, according to the texts of the History. The rest of the copies would be in the possession of the respective successors, whom we do not know. But we possess one of them.

It is this one we have in our hands. You, Samuel, must preserve it zealously to comply with the will of your father..and mine to publish this History for religious, cultural and humanitarian benefit. No doubt the majority of the people will rejoice for the appearance of this History, even the members themselves of the Masonic Association. The entire world, above all the different religious and political groups, will have indescribable joy. Samuel, observe and carry out my recommendations!"

Then she said: "This History, my son, will also be of great importance for Women. These words are for them:

"Woman! Since Creation you enjoy the greatest affection and respect in the world. Wise men, philosophers and great men have said of you" The woman rocks the cradle with her right hand and shakes the world with her left.

"To you then, virtuous women, I present this History that it pleases me to call, 'THE DISSIPATION OF THE DARKNESS,' and to you I say: For my having influenced my husband, Jonas, the owner of this History, after his conversion to Christianity, and his being able to marry me, and for my having been the instigator of the idea of printing it and publishing it, you, too, must also share in the knowledge of its contents, to utilize what is within reach to convince men that Masonry is nothing but Judaism. To convince men that it was Masonry that made the pillars of nations totter, that demolished the powers, that rejected religion. It was Masonry that shed rivers of innocent blood with its Jewish cunning. It was Masonry, Masonry!

"Know that every event contrary to Religion has its origin in Masonry. .

"By the monstrous exaggeration of the interpretation of the words: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, the reins of human morals were loosened. It was Masonry that diffused disobedience to their duties in women, with the purpose of spreading extremism, corruption and prostitution. These are the purposes of the Mysterious Force and its daughter, Masonry.

"Any contact with a Mason inspires in us, in one way or another, if not the despising of Religion, coldness toward it. "Here is the example: in the countries where Masons abound, spirituality, honor and virtues diminish. It is a frightening danger that threatens Humanity. The consequences will be disastrous for your daughters and sons and for the entire world.

20. Lawrence says: It is clear that the Portuguese version is lost, be cause my grandfather, Samuel, says that he received two translations, the Hebrew and the Russian, and that he received them from my great- grandfather, Jonas.

"You must, then, my friends, diffuse the facts in this History at each meeting, in every home, because religion is the foundation of all virtue, honor and justice."

Thus ends the most valuable collaboration and Janet's message to women, the valuable communication of our ancestor, Janet, that will be heard for centuries.

Let us return again to the conversation of my grandfather Samuel, with his son, George, ,my father, concerning the matter of the printing of the History.

Samuel said: George, my son, I have exhausted the hope of my cure and I feel a foreboding that my fatal day is near. How much I lament not having been able to carry out the will of my father and mother in regard to the printing of the book. Based on this, I repeat my Will to you: "Make the maximum effort to translate this History to the French and English languages and to other languages if it is possible. I leave in your care what your grandfather, Jonas, and your grandmother, Janet, ordered me to do, to publish the Book in whatever language I could.

"You must not be frightened, George, by the details of the assassination of our ancestor, Joseph Levy, or of your grandfather, Jonas, because this History will be of great satisfaction for the Masons, who will know the origin of their Association and the reason for their being deceived. It will cause them immense joy, as your grandmother, Janet, said.

"The entire world will celebrate this discovery and will applaud it, after having seen the greatest studies crumble when faced with this mystery.

"Come closer, dear son, so I may kiss you, bless you and bid you farewell because my hour approaches." A few days after this Will, Samuel died, grieved at not having been able to carry out the will of his father and mother. Here I, Lawrence, return to add: My father, George died in 1884 (one year after the death of his father) of tuberculosis. During that year he translated the History to French only three months before his death. He gave me the History to translate to English because the English copy disappeared with Joseph Levy, its owner. .

Behold his Will when he gave the History to me (I was 15 years old): "My son, Lawrence, I give you this History, hoping you will guard it zealously. You are now the last one who has the obligation and responsibility of realizing all those wills whose owners died but whose wills will not. You must carry out those wills in the printing of this History in any language possible. This History, buried alive, must be resurrected for the good of humanity. Now I make known to you my affection and tenderness, I bless you and I wish you all good for yourself and all of yours."

My father died at the age of 44, no less grieved than his father and grandfather. I continued studying English until I mastered it, in order to translate the Book to that language, always thinking of carrying out the desires of my father and ancestors, of publishing it in every language possible.

Thus, I hold the hope that this sole and valuable work may dissipate the darkness that has covered the eyes of Masons and non-Masons for long centuries. I hold the hope that this History, revealed, may put an end to the discussion concerning the secret of the origin of Masonry, this secret mysteriously kept among nine elders and their successors consecutively, including our ancestor Joseph Levy, by whom the secret was transferred to my ancestor Jonas and from Jonas to me through my parents.

I see that the hour for the revelation of this Book has come. For that reason, God willing, I will begin to translate it and publish it in every language possible. I end my words asking all the readers of this Book to render homage to those who conceived and recommended the idea of its publication and diffusion: Jonas and Janet.


Comment of Awad Khoury concerning the Supplement The importance of the supplement that we add at this point is extraordinary because of its resume of the most important Masonic History published up to the present and because it is a valuable argument in favor of the accuracy of this secret History. It incorporates a sincerity that confirms the exact coincidence between ancient Masonry, "The Mysterious Force, "* that was founded in the year 43 A.D. and its daughter, modem Masonry, that is called Freemasonry, born in the year 1717.

From the text of the following supplement, the elimination of the last drop of the sea of doubts concerning the origin of Masonry is obvious.

*Khoury: The learned man, Valette, author of this booklet calls ancient Masonry, "Masonry before the year 1717." He does not call It by Its original name, "The Mysterious Force," because, it seem s, he 's not an heir of the secret, and consequently does not know the truth.


In the beginningof the booklet, the learned brothers, Alf. Ls. Jacot and Ed. Ouartier la Tente say: . "Every person who joins an association, is interested in knowing its origin and past." The author then registers the opinion of some historians concerning this point, saying: The Masonic authors of the 18th century recognize that the investigation of the history of the foundation of "Masonry is difficult.

Dr. Anderson, (1) in his historic discourse in the year 1723 on the fundamental statutes, indicated that ancient Masonry began with Adam. Brother Briston said in the year 1772 that Julius Caesar, who diedin the year 44 after Christ, was a Mason. The Druids(2) were Masons and Masonry began with Creation itself. Dr. Oliver, on the other hand, went even farther when he said: "Ancient Masonic legends say, and I am of this opinion, that our Association existed before the creation of the terrestrial globe and that it was spread through the planets of the solar system." Then Brother Michel did not go so far back as those above; rather he concentrated his investigations around the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

Other brothers, with greater knowledge, such as Brother Harder, sought its origin among the heretics of the Middle Ages, especially the followers of Peter Waldo, declared a heretic in the year 1179.

Other historians presume that Masonry was founded among the Chaldeans. Father Grandidieux attributed it to the German association, "Steinmetzen. Brother Nicolai attributed its origin to the "Rosicrucian" societies. Others to the "Templars."

An infinity of authors, historians and investigators offer theories but none are certain of the origin of its foundation.

On other pages of the booklet we see that associations of masons (construction workers) who held their meetings in four locations, existed in London.(3)

On page 26 we see a photo of an eating place with the name of "The Roasted Duck," in which the masons gathered on June 24, 1717 and unified their associations,(4) giving it the name of Freemasonry (free masons) and commissioning Anderson with drawing up the fundamental laws.

The four locations mentioned were called Lodges, and these are their names, according to a list on page 27 of the booklet.

The first Lodge: "The Roasted Duck" (Eating place in the district of St. Paul Churchyard}.

The second Lodge: "The Wedding" (Eating place in Parker Lane, near Drury Lane).

The third Lodge: "The Apple" (Eating place on Charles Street, Covent Garden).

The fourth Lodge: "The Big Cup and the Grape Cluster" (Eating place on Chandler and Westminster).

The abovementioned Lodges, whatever their condition, were formed by masons (construction workers) and other men of related occupations, inspired always with fidelity to their original mission, related to architecture. Some authors consider that in 1717 the direction was changed and it "marched" in the path of "progress" that all the Community, Masonic or not, must follow.

A more extensive plan was drawn up when, in the year 1721 (September 29), the Superior Lodge considered that the ancient Statutes were not complete, necessitating giving them another better, and more modem, form.(5)

On page 29 of this booklet, the distinguished Brother Robert Freko Gould, historian of Masonry, says the following:

"The renewal consisted of the three following aspects: 1. The utilization of new terms such as 'fellow craftsman' and 'entered apprentices.'
2. Not to declare the degree of 'master' except in the Superior Lodge.
3. The abolition of the Christian religion, as the Masonic religion."(6)

Th. G. G. Valette comments: the third renewal is of extraordinary importance because it sets a limit of distinction between the Association of Masons (Construction workers) and Masonry itself.

The learned Brother Albert Mackay said in this respect: The Association of Masons (the Masonry of Professional Masons) has never been tolerant nor popular because its principles have always been Christian, ecclesiastical, even to the point of fanaticism.

The rebellion of many Masons(7) against that renewal (the one manifested by Gould) does not surprise us, then, although it was considered by us, the English Brothers, as acceptable as the elimination of every religious phrase in the French Grand Orient.(8)

*Synthesis of the booklet; "Two Centuries of Freemasonry. Jubilee Volume, June 24, 1717." Author: Theodore G. G. Valette, editor of "The Fraternal Union" of the Hague.

1. Khoury: His name is mentioned In the first section.
2. Priests of the Gallic religion.
3. Khoury: This coincides with what is written in the History in the first section, where it speaks of the existence of construction workers (masons) in London before the changing of the name from the Mysterious Force to Masonry.
4. Here there is perfect coincidence with what is recorded in the History, with respect to the great meeting on June 24, 1717, where the name of the Association was changed It was renewed and all the associa tions of masons, Protestants and other similar associations were amalgamated.
5. Khoury: This coincides perfectly with the Hebrew manuscript in that Anderson and Desaguliers drew up new laws. It is evident, also, that Masonic authors consider the four lodges (eating places) as places to extend the reach of architecture and construction, not knowing the other diabolic goals.

6. Khoury: Gould's intention has the clarity of noon-day. He means that in Masonry the Christian religion is not necessary. What religion does he want? The Jewish!
7. Khoury: It is evident here that the brothers who manifested themselves as against such a renewal were Christians or Catholics, faithful ones who did not accept the abolition of the Christian religion in Masonry. Great numbers of them abandoned the Association on knowing that intention.
8. Khoury: His name is not mentioned. Behold the summary of what is published on pages 30 and 31 of Valette's booklet, where his photograph and signature appear: "We can say with all certainty that one of our great learned men in the Masonic Association acknowledged that, in 1723, the Christian religion ceased being obligatory in Masonry. (9)

"That is what Anderson put in the fundamental statutes, where our doctrine was strictly defined for us, a doctrine of good and faithful men, of honorable and upright men, who have left behind the bitter past sealed by Christian fanaticism that, lamentably, lift up walls of division even now.

"But our association is not to be understood as an attacker of the Christian religion. Many times it is said and we repeat here, that these things do not interest Masonry; it does not intervene either in politics or in religion.(10)

"We must also say, with all precisian, that the oppression and rigor attributed to the Christian canons in the 18th century, obligated many men to seek refuge in the lodges, which increased admirably. In the interior of the lodge the man was free of every religious chain which is nothing more than the fountain of corruption.

"For that reason, Masonry in the 18th century, began to permit tolerance, in accord with the text of the principles established by Anderson in the fundamental statute. The distinguished brother Portig in Prussia said: 'Masonry is at its greatest prestige,' because truly Masonry in 1723, with Anderson's statutes, reached the peak of its prestige."(11)

The Hague, March 1917
(Signed): G. G. Valette

On page 32 the author publishes the names of the "Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of England."

1717 Anthony Sayer
1718 George Payne
1719 J. F Desaguliers(12)
1720 George Payne
1721 John, Duke of Montauk
1722 Philip, Duke of Wharton
1723 Francis Scott
1724 (has. Lennox
1725 James Hamilton
1782 - 1790 Henry Frederic
1790 - 1813 Prince George
1813-1843 August Frederic

9. Khoury: From this it can be noted that the Jewish influence prevailed over the influence of Desaguliers and Anderson, who, with their Jewish companions, modified the fundamental ancient statutes, as will be seen in the second section.
10. Khoury: Only an idiot would believe this. Permit us to call Mr. Valette's attention to the fact that Anderson and Desaguliers put that text in the public statutes only to confuse, being believed by the people and by the Masons of recent affiliation, as it was by the inferior mysterious ones in ancient Masonry. But on understanding that civil and religious revolutions sprang from the fountains of Masonry, that text must be consi dered aboli shed and it is necessary to delete it from the Masonic statutes so no one is deceived.
11. Khoury: It Is understood from what we foreknow that Desaguliers and Anderson were of those Protestants characteri zed by their profound hatred of Catholicism and their greatest interest was in attacking it. Nevertheless, they used the phrase, "the abolition of the Christian religion. This phrase was motivated by the following: first, the agreement between Desaguliers and Joseph Levy obliged the former to accept it at the latter's insistence. Second, it will be seen in the second section that the wealthy Jew, Adoniram, succeeded Levy, imposing more conditions than Levy on Desaguliers, obliging him to accept them. Anderson, being an instrument and servant of Desaguliers could do nothing but express that phrase: "the abolition of the Christian religion as the Masonic one," not being able to specify "Catholicism" as was his preferred intention.

After 'the new statutes various modifications were produced until it reached the point that numerous lodges made themselves independent with their statutes and different intentions.

12. Khoury: This man could be a relative of the great Desaguliers, the companion of Joseph Levy in the renewal of the Association, or it could, be the same man himself, due to on error in the printing of the initials of the name. We know that Desaguliers was the one who had on argument with Levy over the presidency of the First Jerusalem Lodge and because of his refusal to return the two manuscripts, the Hebrew and the English, with this conflict leading to the assassination of Levy and the confiscation of all his documents. Abraham Abiud, the owner of the original Hebrew of this History, gives us these valuable details in the second section, as well as the fact that Desaguliers did not attain the presidency, that the first lodge kept the name of Jerusalem from June 24, 1717 until September 17, 1719 when it was changed to the Superior Lodge of England. We do not know if Mr. Valette knows these truths and hides them. But it is presumed that he is ignorant of them because it seems he is not one of the heirs of the history.


On page 33, the author speaks of Masonry since 1717, what he calls "New Masonry," detailing the lodges established in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, etc., with extensive explanations with respect to their manner of being established, the rapidity of the spread of new Masonry, the number of lodges in each city, etc.

On page 50 the photo of Desaguliers appears with a résumé of his life, indicating that he was born March 12, 1683 and died in the year 1744; it indicates that he was the only man who distinguished himself by his fervent zeal in the revitalization of the Association in the beginning of the 18th century. He merited the title of "Father of the New Masonry." The existence of the grand Lodge of England is due to his effort alone.

From page 21 it is deduced that, notwithstanding the indication of the name of Anderson as the one who established the first edition of the fundamental statutes of the new Masonry, its forger and original observer was Desaguliers. If Anderson composed it, it was Desaguliers who believed it and dictated the fundamental themes and basic ideas.(13)

On page 52 the author says that. the last days of Desaguliers were dark and enveloped in sadness and poverty. Brother Feller says in his book, "Cabal Interpretation," that Desaguliers went mad in his last days, wearing his clothes inside out, dying in that lamentable state of madness. Brother Cutron said in the "Moral Poem: The Vanities of Material Joys," that Desaguliers reached the depths of poverty before dying.(14)

13. Khoury: Here there is complete agreement with our History; it is the fact that Desaguliers took from Levy the Hebrew and English copies in order to "adapt" the old statutes, as he deceived him.. But it is certain that those two copies served him as a Constitution. With the collaboration of Anderson, he implemented the new statutes, correcting and modifying the old until they were converted into the "absolutely new," according to Desaguliers and Anderson. According to them, also, they left nothing of the ancient except the fundamentals: the 33 degrees; the two columns, Booz and Jachin; the passwords; the three steps, the three hammers, the occultism, etc., In accord with the solemn promises made by Desaguliers to Levy and his successors, the heirs of the manuscript.
14. Khoury: It will be seen in the second section that the founder, Herod Agrippa, was blind in the lost days of his life and spent a long time in misery, suffering and unhappiness, dying in that disastrous state.